11 Apps for New Moms

Life with a newborn can be challenging. Whether you’re a first time mom or more experienced, it’s never an easy process. The lack of sleep, cluster feedings and adjusting to a new addition to your family can be plain out hard. Luckily we live in the age of on-the-go technology that helps make our lives a little bit easier!

Check out these amazing apps that can help make your life with a new baby easier!

  1. Sound Sleeper: White Noise for Baby Sleep – This app was a lifesaver for us when my daughter was an infant. This app includes several different sounds, but our favorite was the hushing sound that really helped Madison fall to sleep quickly. You can set a timer for how long the white noise will play, along with adjustable volume. This helped both this Mama and her baby get much needed rest!

  2. MammaBaby– Breastfeeding, Baby Log, Baby Tracker – MammaBaby is a must for new moms. You are able to track feedings, diaper changes, sleep times and growth. Keeping track of all these daily activities is a must for new moms. As a mom who has gone through the phase of sleep deprivation, this will be your best friend. When there’s one less thing to remember, life is easier.

  3. Ovia Baby – Milestone and Development Tracker – I downloaded the Ovia Pregnancy tracker when I was pregnant and fell in love. It helped keep me updated on what was going on with my baby, how she was growing that week and what to expect with the new changes going on in my body. After my daughter was born the app rolled over to Ovia Baby which details the milestones and changes your baby is going through week-by-week. It’s so awesome because it helps me understand why certain changes are taking place, if what I’m worrying about is normal and what milestones to be looking for.

  4. Baby Sticker – Maybe this is the blogger in me, but I love apps that help make my pictures prettier. This app includes fun stickers to place on pictures to capture fun milestones!

  5. Sprout Feeding Tracker – This is a great breastfeeding app! I’ve been pretty candid about my inability to breastfeed, but during the first month of me attempting, this app was a musthave. As you breastfeeding Mama’s know, it’s important to switch off what side your baby feeds from. This app helps you keep track of which breast your last feeding was from and how long the feeding was. During those sleep deprived days, this helps makes things a little easier on Mama.

  6. Fisher Price Soothing Sights & Songs for Baby – This app can be used from newborn to toddler age. There are two modes, mode one is an ocean and wonderment mode. This is used to keep your newborn calm and soothed. Mode two features sheep jumping over a fence. Each scene is combined with soothing music to help your little one calm down.

  7. Amazon Prime – Soooo this isn’t necesaily something that is going to put your baby to sleep or track feedings, but this is a BIG help! If you have Amazon Prime and don’t have the Amazon app, seriously stop what you’re doing and download it NOW. It’s so much easier to order products off of amazon than to load up your baby and head to the store. At least for me it was. Plus you could potentially save big bucks with Amazon family (hey 20% discount) and subscribe & save options.

  8. WebMD Baby – You can also use this as a tracking app but you can also access articles and videos based on your baby’s age. You can also receive a doctor-approved tip each day!

  9. Milk Maid – For you pumping Mama’s this is especially helpful to keep track of how much you pump! You can even calculate how much your baby is drinking throughout the day and how you milk you have stored as well!

  10. Mom Maps – If you are traveling or just wondering what baby-friendly places/activities are available in your town, this is the app for you. This app will show you lists of parks, baby friendly restaurants and other places that mom approved.

  11. Child Medical History App – This app allows you to keep track of all your baby’s medical history, including growth, weight, next appointment, vaccinations, etc.

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