11 Gifts for Mom – That She Really Wants!

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Today I’m going to share with you an amazing list of gifts for Mom! Since Mother’s Day is on the horizon, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put a list together to show what a Mom really wants for Mother’s Day – or any holiday.

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I have the world’s best Mom. Growing up she sacrificed so much for my brothers and I, yet I never really realized exactly how much until I became a Mom myself. She was always our biggest supporter and still is the person I can call no matter what time it is. Mother’s Day was always a day where we loved to make her feel special.

11 Gifts for Mom That She Actually Wants

I also have an amazing Mother-in-Law who along with my own Mom I can laugh with, cry with and enjoy this roller coaster ride of motherhood with.

Mother’s Day is always a Day when I love to try to make these ladies feel special. So what does a mom really want for Mother’s Day?

11 Gifts for Mom

Personalized Jewelry

When I first discovered oNecklace, I instantly loved their jewelry. oNecklace creates personalized jewelry from monograms to family tree items. As a Mom, I love wearing reminders of my family. My family is the biggest part of my life and something I am so proud to show off to others. When I received my personalized infinity bracelet I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful this bracelet was!

11 Gifts for Mom

This gorgeous bracelet is sterling silver with the simple and elegant infinity symbol that harbors the heart charms with the initials of your loved ones. I had two initials added to my bracelet for my husband, Matt and my daughter, Madison.

oNecklace has a large collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings that you can have personalized for yourself or for the Mom or woman in your life. I mean, what girl doesn’t love a piece of monogrammed jewelry?

11 Gifts for Mom

I love how simple and elegant these jewelry pieces are. I wore mine to a dinner with friends this past weekend and received so many compliments! This is the perfect gift for a Mom in your life or even for yourself.

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Spa Day

As Mom’s we normally put everyone else’s needs before our own. I love my daughter and husband more than anything, but let’s be honest here – sometimes alone time is just needed. A massage or facial is the perfect reason to focus on yourself and relax.

If a spa day is not in your budget, then try making a spay day in a jar! Grab a mason jar and add your mom’s favorite nail polish, bubble bath, bath bomb and face mask to give her all she needs to pamper herself.

Coffee Mug

Sweet, fun or silly. Any of these options are perfect for a Mom in your life!

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Custom Photo Album

Personalized photo albums from Shutterfly are easy to make and reasonably priced.

Home is Where Mom Is Candle 

Help remind your Mom how special she is to you while also freshening up her house!

Personalized Yeti Tumbler 

Mom’s rarely get to drink their coffee or iced drinks as soon as they make them. This is the perfect way to keep their drinks hot or cold with a fun personalization.

Personalized Beach Bag 

Warmer weather, means it’s time to get ready for the pool and/or beach.

Mom Life T-Shirt

These fun t-shirts are fun for every Mom!

Mom Picture Frame

And don’t forget to add your favorite photo of you and your Mom!

Mom Keychain

This is a fun reminder that your Mom will always see!


Bouquet of Flowers

But make sure to send Mom’s favorite!


Make Something Personal

If you can’t find the perfect gift, why not make it? Check out these easy DIY to help get your creative juices flowing:

-DIY Photo Cube

DIY Personalized Coffee Mug

-DIY Bath Bombs


All of these gifts are options the Mom in your life will love. I’d have to say I’m hoping my husband and daughter get me another piece of jewelry from oNecklace! Make sure to check out there beautiful jewelry line for more gift ideas.

What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear your creative gift ideas for Mom!





  1. Julie | 30th Apr 18

    Love your infinity bracelet. Looks great on you. I love making photo albums on Shutterfly. I make a year album for each of my girls after their birthdays each year.

  2. Lauren | 30th Apr 18

    A spa day sounds fabulous right about now! You have some awesome ideas here, great for moms!

  3. Farmhouse Mama | 2nd May 18

    These are wonderful ideas! Any mom would love these!

  4. Karla | 2nd May 18

    I love that everything was personalized. It seems like the thought really does count. At least for me.

    • Brittany | 2nd May 18

      I totally agree!

  5. Rosie | 2nd May 18

    I laughed so hard at your title because it’s soooo true! Your list is amazing. It is all things I want now. Great post and loving your page <3

    • Brittany | 3rd May 18

      Haha!!! Thanks!!!!

  6. Emily | 3rd May 18

    I love the personalized gift ideas! That photo cube is great!

  7. Juli | 3rd May 18

    I really like personalized items so I think my mom would love this.

  8. Heather | 3rd May 18

    A spa day sounds amazing to me!

  9. Jasmine | 3rd May 18

    i love personalized anything! and the mugs

    • Brittany | 3rd May 18

      Me too! 🙂

  10. shalama | 3rd May 18

    I can’t believe that Mother’s Day is around the corner. I am not sure what I want but believe personalized gifts are the way to go.

    • Brittany | 3rd May 18

      I completely agree!

  11. Angela Milnes | 3rd May 18

    I absolutely love my personalized jewelry that I have. They definitely do make the best gifts when they are just for you.

    • Brittany | 3rd May 18

      They really do!

  12. Kate | 3rd May 18

    Definitely sign me up for a spa day- sounds like the perfect day to me!

    • Brittany | 3rd May 18


  13. Leigh Suznovich | 3rd May 18

    I love all of these ideas! That infinity bracelet is gorgeous, and I love how everything is personalized.

  14. Paula @ I'm Busy Being Awesome | 14th May 18

    Personilized gifts are the best, the bracelet is so cute

  15. Mimi | 14th May 18

    I love that tumbler, such a cute gift idea

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