11 Side Hustles for the Stay-at-Home Mom

Before we moved to Kodiak, I was a working mom. While I terribly missed being able to spend the days with my daughter, I loved contributing to our family. As a college student advisor, I loved my students, my job and working with the military. My job left me fulfilled mentally and financially.

When Matt received orders to Kodiak, I immediately started looking for jobs here. The main job source in Kodiak is the fishing industry or other blue collar jobs. There are office positions, but most are low paying and did not justify the outrageous price of daycare. So, we decided to have me stay-at-home with our daughter.

While I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom and getting to be present daily in my daughter’s life, I’m someone who NEEDS brain stimulation and to not be a total nutcase. I’ve compiled a list of some side-hustles that can put some money in your pocket, even if you’re a stay-at-home mom! Whether you want to help contribute to your family, need extra cash or having an online shopping addiction – this list can help you reach your goals.

  1. Swag Bucks – Take surveys, watch videos and shop online to earn points. You can redeem your points for free gift cards or cash through Paypal! I’ve just started using Swag Bucks. I installed the “Swag Button” to my toolbar so that I can earn points on purchases that I already make, such as amazon.This is awesome because the work is effortless. If you want to earn more points you can take the surveys! Each survey lists how many points they’re worth and how long they normally take to complete.

  2. Ebates  – I love Ebates! I’ve been using this for several months and also have the Ebates extension added to my toolbar. Ebates allows you to earn cash back for shopping online. When I go to a website that Ebates is a partner of, a notification will appear telling me what percentage of cash back I will receive. During the holiday season Ebates had doubled every stores normal percentages, so I was receiving around 12% back for some stores. You can also use this in addition to Swag Bucks to get paid for your normal shopping. This doesn’t cost you anything, but you will lost out on being paid to shop by not joining Ebates! You can even get $10 just for signing up with my link HERE!

  1. Time Etc – Time Etc is a website for freelancers. You can choose to apply to work with someone long term or take “tasks” as they arise. I worked with someone long term for a few months. The pay is $11/hour. You’re able to pick and choose what tasks you want to take on or pass them off to others.

  2. Ibotta – This app allows you to get cash back for buying groceries or other items that you normally do. You just scan your receipt or bar codes, have the items verified and will receive “cash back” via paypal. I love using ibotta because I’m able to get cash back for brand specific purchases as well as “any brand” purchases such as milk, eggs and produce.

  3. UpWork – This is another site that’s great for freelancers! You’re able to choose what jobs you want to apply for and suggest your pay rate.

  4. Sell on Etsy – Are you crafty? A graphic designer? There’s tons of options to pursue your passion via selling on Etsy!

  5. Start a Blog!  – Do you have a passion? Do you love writing? Start a blog! I started my blog to document our move to Alaska and fell in love with blogging. It’s taught me so much about myself, my daughter, my family and has introduced me to some amazing people! I’ve had my passion for writing reignited and have began to write freelance for several different websites. I would have never had these opportunities if it was not for my blog. There are many options to monetize a blog as well, but you will have to have a self-hosted website. I use Blue Host and would recommend setting up through them as well! Check them out HERE!


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