How to Whiten Sensitive Teeth with Smile Brilliant

***Disclosure – This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. However all opinions are my own.***

I am so excited to partner with Smile Brilliant for this post. Don’t forget to check out the link on the bottom for an awesome giveaway and coupon code!

Like most people I want a brighter, whiter smile. But I have a serious love for black coffee and red wine, which can wreak havoc on my teeth. The logical explanation would be to whiten my teeth to achieve the whiter smile I want, but I have SUPER sensitive teeth. I’ve tried whitening toothpaste, home remedies and whitening strips. All of which left my teeth sore and sensitive to food/drink.

When Smile Brilliant contacted me to try out their teeth whitening kit, I figured why not? I was a little hesitant to how my teeth would feel during or after and I was honestly expecting them to be sore. I am beyond surprised (and excited!) to say that after 7 days of use, my teeth have experienced zero sensitivity! As someone who avoided whitening my teeth because of oversensitive teeth, I am beyond excited to have discovered a product that finally whitens my smile, painfree!

So, How does Smile Brilliant work?

  1. Make Your Impressions – Using the molds and instructions in your whitening kit, make your impressions. Send these back to Smile Brilliant in order to receive your custom made trays.

  2. Brush and dry teeth

  3. Apply thin layer or whitening gel from syringe to custom trays.

  4. Place custom trays on dry, clean teeth for 45 minutes

  5. Clean tray and dry

  6. Place thin layer of desensitizing gel on tray.

  7. Place in mouth for 15 minutes.

  8. Enjoy your brighter smile. 🙂

Smile Brilliant is an amazing company that gives you the benefits of professional whitening at a much more affordable price. If you’d like to try out your own at-home whitening kit check out your options on Smile Brilliant’s website.

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