7 Tips To Lose the Baby Weight

Losing the baby weight is a goal for most new moms after giving birth. I know it was for me. Here are the tips and tricks I used to lose the baby weight quickly!

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Stay Active During Pregnancy – While this can be easier said than done for some of us, it’s important to focus on a healthy diet. I did give in to cravings and I did eat ice cream every.single.night but I didn’t use my pregnancy as an excuse to binge eat for every meal. Give in to your cravings and eat until you’re full but don’t overstuff yourself. I rarely worked out while pregnant but I did take nightly walks with my husband around our neighborhood. A walk can do amazing things to your mood while keeping you active.

Healthy Diet – I eat a high protein, low carb diet. I eat plenty of healthy fats such as almonds and avocados to keep me full as well. When I’m craving something sweet I whip up these three-ingredient healthy chocolate chip cookies. Find a diet that works for you and your body, and stick with it. My friend, Katie, who blogs at JoyfulMesses.com has a great resource for nursing Mama’s on The 5 Best Foods to Lose the Baby Weight & Pump Up Your Milk Supply!

Walking – Once I was feeling strong enough I began to walk around my neighborhood with the baby stroller. Since I had a c-section, I wasn’t cleared to workout until I was 12-weeks postpartum. However, I did heal relatively quickly and I attribute this to making myself move. A week or so after having my daughter I started taking short walks in my neighborhood. Even if you’re only walking 50 yards, it’s something! I started with walking to the end of my road and slowly built my way up to longer walks. I also tried to keep moving throughout my day. It can be easy to get into a sedentary routine while on maternity leave, but by making sure I moved more I felt so much better physically and mentally.

Listen to Your Body – You and your body know how much you can or cannot handle. You just did the most amazing and selfless thing by bringing a beautiful new life into this world. Make sure that you thank your body by taking care of it and listening to the cues it sends you. If you feel that you’re overdoing it, take a break. Listen and respect your body and do what’s best for YOU.

Workout Routine – Unfortunately, pregnancy normally turns our muscles a little soft. While we may wish we could pick up our fitness routine where we left it pre-pregnancy, starting small and building our way up is best. I started out with postpartum yoga and then slowly increased the intensity of my workouts. My Postpartum Fitness Guide explains the timeline of your workouts in more detail.

Drink Lots of Water – Keeping our bodies hydrated is the best way to rid our body of toxins and lose weight!

Keep Moving! – Add extra steps to your day when doing household chores. Something as small as standing while doing laundry or walking circles while rocking/burping your baby will speed up your metabolism.

Check out my Postpartum Fitness Guide HERE to learn about your workout timeline AND get a FREE 28-day HIIT Challenge!

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  1. Angela Cameron | 22nd Oct 17

    I was 135 before getting pregnant and gained 35 extra. I started breastfeeding my LO and with this, I used mummy magic weight loss tea (started two months later my baby) and shed all extra weight and belly bulge just in two months.

    • Brittany | 22nd Oct 17

      That sounds awesome! I’ll have to check that out. 🙂

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