10 Beach Essentials for Your Toddlers Next Beach Day

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Growing up, our family lived on the river. Summer days were full of boating, swimming and floating around in the water. When we got orders to Kodiak, I thought that Madison wouldn’t get the joys of the beach life that I so loved growing up. Luckily, this summer has had a few warm days that we’ve been able to take advantage of. Who said you can’t wear a bathing suit on the beach in Alaska???

Madison and I are packing our bags next week flying to the east coast for over a month in North Carolina and Cape Cod. Since we live so far away from our families, they only get to see Madison a few times a year. We will be taking full advantage of the warmer temperatures and sunshine. As any parent knows, no beach day with a toddler  is easy without a few necessities.



Sunscreen Our little ones have very sensitive skin. As it is important to protect our skin, it’s even more important to protect our little ones.




Sun Hat This allows extra sun protection to the face while also protecting their hairline and scalp from UV rays.




Large Beach Towel – So this one may be more for the parents than the kiddos. Madison loves to bring her toys to my towel. The bigger the towel, the more room I have to semi-relax.




Beach Toys Madison loves to play with sand buckets to shovel sand and make sand castles. Last week she was entertained for hours by filling a bucket with sand and then dumping it in the water.




Snacks – I like to pack a variety of snacks like fruit, Goldfish, etc. I even pack a protein bar for myself!




Water Bottle It’s so important to hydrate while spending time in the sun. I love this cup because it keeps the water cool for my daughter.





Sand Shoes The sand can be really hot and burn our little kiddo’s feet, so it’s important to protect them as well. The beaches here are also full of rocks and shells, so these shoes also help protect her feet from sharp objects.



UV Coverup  I try to give Madison all the protection she can get. During warmer days, this is a necessity. I love that coverups like this one are cool but also give us the extra UV protection to survive warmer days.



Swimways FloatThis float helps give your toddlers the assistance they need while also shading them from the sun when in deep water. Check out my post on Swimways to learn more about this amazing float.


Floaties  While my daughter is still too young for me to trust to swim by herself with these, I like them more for peace of mind. My daughter is fearless sometimes. She likes to jump off the side of the pool and wade out into the water at the beach. Even though I have always been with her, I like to know that if for some reason I’m not there or not looking, that she’ll have a safety net to keep her afloat.



  1. Tara | 28th Jul 17

    I definitely don’t have young ones yet but these are excellent tips and well presented! excellent job!

    • Brittany | 28th Jul 17

      Thanks, Tara!

  2. Christina | From Under a Palm Tree | 28th Jul 17

    Such a great list! We actually did something similar a few days ago. Babies require a lot when going anywhere but the beach is even worse! It’s all fun though! Check our post from Monday with beach vacation packing tips – http://fromunderapalmtree.com/beach-vacation-packing-list-for-a-toddler/

    Thanks for sharing :)!

    • Brittany | 28th Jul 17

      Oh sooo true!!! How awesome! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Beth Davidson | 28th Jul 17

    I feel like I need all of these even when I’m not a beach. My son is obsessed with water. He just runs right in wherever we are, like someone else’s yard with a sprinkler. lol. Thanks for the list!

    • Brittany | 28th Jul 17

      LOL they’re all good to have handy! My daughter is the same way. 🙂

  4. Shell | 28th Jul 17

    I really like the uv coverup!! I didn’t know they had these! I need to order some for my nieces!

    • Brittany | 28th Jul 17

      My daughter has one and it’s awesome!

  5. Emily Morton | 29th Jul 17

    We absolutely love the float with the cover over it. It lets our son feel like he has some independence but he is still safe.

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