The Secret to Crushing Your New Years Weight Loss Goals

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With each New Year comes a new chance for new opportunities and new goals to crush. So many of us set the New Year goal to lose weight. Two years ago that was my goal.

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I had my daughter at the end of November 2015. After an unexpected C-section and the common baby weight gain, I was feeling overweight, uncomfortable and insecure. I’ve always been a pretty confident person, but my postpartum body had me feeling more insecure than I’d ever felt in my life. To add to the stress, my husband and I were awaiting military orders to move. There was so much that was unexpected going on in my life that was causing stress that I had hit a low point.  

In order to be the best mom that I could be, I knew I needed to make a change. That New Years, I set the goal to become healthy again – both physically and mentally. I wanted to feel normal in my skin again so that I could concentrate on the moments and not what others may have thought about my looks.

weightloss goals

Since setting this goal two years ago, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life. I still like to reflect on myself and use the New Year to enforce other changes that I feel need to be made or reinforce some that I may have slacked off during the year. Living a healthy life is a continuous process. We all slip and fall sometimes, but we have to get back up and keep going! This year I am renewing my goals to live a healthy life.

weight loss goals

I’m starting with cleaning up my diet. I’ve found when I eat better foods that I not only look better but I feel better. Since Alaska is so cold during the winter months, warm, comfort foods are something I often crave. I love coming home and having a warm bowl of soup, but often these are filled with heavy creams and fat. Well Yes!® Soups are filled with real ingredients, come in unique flavors and give consumers looking for better, more positive options within the canned soup category. Oh, a soup that I can buy conveniently at the grocery store AND it’s made with real nutritious ingredients?!? I’ll take one in every flavor please!

weight loss goals

Saying YES to a healthier and better version of me has never been so easy…or so tasty. Well Yes! contains real nutritious ingredients – like chicken with no antibiotics, sweet potatoes, kale and quinoa – to create delicious soups, without compromising on flavor. The unique blend of flavors combines for a bowl of deliciousness. Now that I’ve been introduced to Well Yes! soups I know I’ll be saying YES to more that will help me achieve a healthier life.

weight loss goals

Saying yes to a healthier diet also helps me say yes to a more rigorous workout routine. I love staying active and often strap my daughter in the baby backpack and we go for walks, hikes or even just trips to the playground. But I’ve found that while this physical activity is great for my body, I need alone time in the gym and a rigorous workout for not only my physical health but my mental health as well. As a Mom, especially a military spouse living on an island with no family around, I depend on the small amount of alone time I get each day. The hour I spend in the gym helps me blow off steam, clean my mind and focus on myself. This is possibly the only hour each day that I’m not doing something for someone else. As moms, it’s important to take care of ourselves too. Life is incredibly busy and we have little humans (and big humans if you want to count our husbands) that fully depend on us. Giving yourself even 30 minutes each day will work wonders physically and mentally.

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  1. TE Nusser | 15th Jan 18

    Great post! I’m a huge soup fan and have been wanting to try these. They look delicious! Soup is so filling, and finding one that tastes great with fewer calories is an excellent way to fill up and stay full!

    • Brittany | 15th Jan 18

      They are all so delicious! Exactly, I’m all for fewer calories!

  2. Carolyn | 15th Jan 18

    I love soup – great reminder that I need to make sure to keep my pantry stocked with it. #client

    • Brittany | 17th Jan 18

      Yes! This kind is definitely stock worthy 🙂

  3. Jenn | 15th Jan 18

    I agree with working out the 30 min most days and getting in a good meal. Totally works !

  4. Arin | 15th Jan 18

    Those look amazing!! and soup for me is one of my favorite quick healthy meals!

  5. Jenny | 16th Jan 18

    I hadn’t noticed these in the grocery store yet but will certainly be on the lookout. They actually look really yummy!

  6. Chava | 16th Jan 18

    Nice! This looks really yummy! We need to do soup way more in this house, especially in this weather! Not sure why we’re not doing it more..

    • Brittany | 17th Jan 18

      I hope you try it! I love soup when it’s cold and nasty outside.

  7. Amanda | 16th Jan 18

    I’ve never tried that brand of soup before but it sure looks good!

    • Brittany | 17th Jan 18

      It’s delicious!

  8. Summer | 17th Jan 18

    I had coupons for these soups a couple of weeks ago so I gave them a shot. I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were! They were so good my picky kids ate them so I think that says a lot. I try to stock up on them when they are on sale.

    • Brittany | 17th Jan 18

      They’re so delicious! I’m glad you loved them too! 🙂

  9. Tiffanie Anne | 23rd Jan 18

    This soup looks absolutely perfect! Gosh…now, I am craving for soup! haha

    • Brittany | 24th Jan 18

      They’re sooooo good!

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