3 Ingredient – Clean Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth. Like it is out of control majority of the time. I’m a complete sucker for anything with dark chocolate, especially chocolate chip cookies! When I was pregnant I think I had a cookie with lunch every day and icecream every night for a bedtime snack. I have NO idea how I didn’t gain more than 40 pounds!

Now that I’m eating a very clean diet, dessert is not usually an option. Since I eat a gluten-free diet, cookies are not usually an option in general. However, I have found a recipe that stays within my clean diet and are gluten-free! The best part is there are only three ingredients! I am a big fan of easy recipes, and this is one of my favorites. If you leave out the chocolate chips, these are even baby approved. I made a few for Madison and she LOVED them.


  1. 2 ripe bananas

  2. 1 cup of oats

  3. Dark Chocolate Chips


  1. Preheat oven at 360 degrees

  2. Add bananas to mixing bowl and mash

  3. Add oats to mashed bananas and stir to combine. Make sure these are mixed well.

  4. Add dark chocolate chips and stir

  5. Dollop onto baking sheet

  6. Bake at 360 for 15 minutes


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