4 Ways Almonds Can Benefit New Moms

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4 Ways Almonds Can Benefit New Moms

When you’re a new mom, there’s already so much to worry about. In addition to caring for a newborn, new mom’s worry about establishing a milk supply, losing the baby weight and nourishing their body (and baby!) with the nutrients they need to withstand those long days and nights. Did you know that almonds can help with all of that? 

Almonds are like the superfood of all the superfoods.They’re filling, delicious and easy to bring along with you. But for new mom’s, especially those who are breastfeeding, the benefits of almonds are extraordinary. 

4 Ways Almonds Can Benefit New Moms

Packed With Nutrients

Raw almonds, like Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds, are one of the best foods a breastfeeding mother can eat. Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds are packed with vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin E and Magnesium. This superfood not only is great for Mom, but it’s great for the breastfeeding baby as well. 


Healthy Fats

Whole Natural Almonds are full of healthy fats. Healthy fats help improve the quality of breastmilk to keep baby fuller longer and they can help keep Mom fuller longer as well. 



My favorite thing about Whole Natural Almonds is that they’re convenient to bring when you’re on-the-go. I love that Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds comes in various sizes and packages. I keep a 6 oz can of Whole Natural Almonds in my purse and on my nightstand for post pumping snacks. I also keep a 25 oz value size bag in my pantry for baking or snacking. There are even 100 calories packs for the most convenient on-the-go snack! Breastfeeding burns 300-500 extra calories a day and it’s important to refuel your body with healthy snacks like Whole Natural Almonds. 

4 Ways Almonds Can Benefit New Moms

Can Increase Milk Supply

Nuts and seeds, especially almonds, are considered to be Galactagogues. This means that they can promote lactation and boost your milk supply. For a new mom, this is essential! 

Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds are available at Walmart, making them convenient to buy and eat! 




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