5 Favorite Dog Treats + #FiveFavoriteFriday Linkup

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Today I’m linking up with Natalie and several other bloggers to bring you our #fivefavoritefriday.

If you’re anything like me, your fur baby is like your child.

When we got Riley we had no idea how she would completely steal our hearts. She was the baby that came along before our actual baby – and at times was probably more work.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting our Riley, then you know what a “unique” dog she is. She has a very alpha-male female personality. She’s rambunctious, wild and ready to play at all times. She’s always looking for ways to get attention. Whether that be through stealing whatever article of clothing she can find laying around of my husbands (she always chooses his), jumping in the biggest mud puddle she can find or by waking us up with slobbery kisses. She can get on my last nerve but can also be the sweetest, most loving dog.

Just like the rest of our family, I want Riley – and our foster Lena – to receive food and treats that are healthy and beneficial to them. Both of our dogs are yellow labs. The lab breed can be prone to obesity. Just like obesity in humans, the negative effects of this are immense. When we got Lena from the animal shelter we were put on strict orders to help her continue to lose weight. With labs, treats or chewables are a necessity. Especially if you don’t want your house destroyed. But I love that I’ve been able to find healthy options that keep my girls happy AND healthy!

A healthy dog, is a happy dog. I want both of our dogs to live long, healthy lives and the best way to accomplish this is by making sure they receive the best nutrients. 

Riley has irritable bowel issues and the most sensitive stomach I’ve ever seen in a dog. Combined with her issues, over the past two years we’ve experimented, researched and learned what dog treats are the best, especially for those with sensitive stomachs.

I’ve created a graphic with my five favorite animal treat options. Click on the picture for a link to purchase and view more information!

Deer Antler – Strong, durable and packed full of beneficial nutrients. These deer antlers are packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Calcium and Iron.





Smart Bones – Easy to digest, great for sensitive stomachs and full of vitamins/minerals.






Peanut Butter Filled Bone – Durable bone used to help clean teeth while peanut butter is used to entertain dogs! My dogs personally loves these and can never get enough


Sweet Potato Flavored Pork Chomps – Raw hide free, full of essential nutrients, keeps dogs highly entertained.




Everlasting Treat Ball – You can find these treats as add-ons on amazon for pretty cheap. This is the ONLY toy that Riley has never destroyed. Probably only because her favorite treats are put in it. The everlasting ball treats are easy on your dogs                                                       stomach as well.





  1. Crystal Wachoski | 6th Jan 17

    My dog has issues with that as well. You have to be super picky!

    • Brittany | 6th Jan 17

      You do! Riley just turned two and we were finally able to take her off prescription dog food, so it’s gotten a little better with age. There are still things I’m too scared to attempt with her though.

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