5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy


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We have two yellow labs, Riley and Lena. While both of our dogs are the breed, they are two very different dogs. But through their differences they show us so much love.

My husband and I got Riley when she was an 8-week old puppy, a little over two years ago. She was our first baby and has taught us so much about being dog owners and caring for someone other than ourselves.

We first brought Lena home last October, when she was 11 years old. While she was far from a puppy, she still had so much love to give us and our family. She’s fit in perfectly with our family and has helped calm down our crazy Riley.

Both of our dogs have their own individual needs. Riley has GI issues and Lena has a variety of health problems due to her senior status. However, no matter the variety of problems or situations you may find yourself in with your own fur-baby, these tips and tricks can help you keep them healthy and happy!

  1. Pick the Right Food for Your Dog – Riley needs a food for her sensitive stomach needs and Lena is on a weight reduction prescription diet. Find out what your fur babies specific needs are and do your best to satisfy them.

  2. Keep A Watch On Them – No one knows your dog like you do. If you think something isn’t right or they may be sick/have something wrong, listen to your gut. If you suspect something is up and aren’t sure if you should take them into the Vet, call and speak with the Vet or a tech who can help you out.

  3. Stay Up-to-Date on Shots & Checkups – Like humans, our dogs need to keep up-to-date with vaccinations and vet checkups. This helps eliminate the possibility of additional problems down the road.

  4. Keep Them Active – All dogs need SOME kind of exercise. Since Riley is young and high energy, she craves long walks and loves to run. I often take her on hikes or long walks around our neighborhood. Since Lena is older and gets tired very easily, we keep her walks much shorter. Although Lena cannot handle the long walks, she still loves getting out and being active. I try to get her out for a small walk everyday or on a trip to the dog park.

  5. Use TerraMax Pro Premium Alaskan Salmon Oil Salmon oil is essential in keeping your pet’s mind and body in top shape. Salmon oil supports healthy skin, coat, joints, heart, kidney and the development and maintenance of the brain, eyes and immune system. It also helps promote weightloss in overweight pets and may help reduce certain allergies. Since Lena was overweight when we received her, I love being able to add Premium Alaskan Salmon Oil to her food every meal.

Lena goes through stages of hating to eat her food. She’s on a prescription weight loss diet, so her food is pretty bland. Now that I’ve been adding TerraMax Pro Premium Alaskan Salmon Oil to her food, she’s excited to eat again! I’m excited to know that both of my girls are receiving the most essential nutrients to promote good health. After only using for a few days, both Riley and Lena’s fur feels SO much softer!

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If you’re like me, then you love ensuring that you’re taking good care of your doggies. I love that TerraMax Pro’s Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil helps my doggies stay healthy, active and tail-wagging happy!

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  1. Alice Sparkle | 27th Mar 17

    Hi Brittany,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post about keeping our dogs healthy and happy. One of the best advice you have for us is to keep them active, which I’m doing it when I go out of the house with Mercy. I never thought of trying the TerraMax Pro Premium Alaskan Salmon Oil, because my dog Mercy has a problem on her immune system. I guess I should give this a try.


    • Brittany | 27th Mar 17

      Hi Alice!

      You should definitely check it out! It’s made such a huge difference in my doggies and they love having it mixed in with their food! If you try it, let me know how you like it! 🙂

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