5 Tips to Refreshing Your Home for Spring

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The long, cold and messy winters always leave me ready to deep clean and refresh my home just in time for spring. A clean home is the perfect way to start over with a new season.

Before starting my Spring Cleaning Refresh, I aways head to my local Dollar General to stock up on supplies! I love how I can find all my favorite products at great prices to help me kickstart my Spring Cleaning Refresh.

So how do you refresh your home for Spring?

Spring Cleaning Essentials

Deep Clean

I like to use Pine-Sol® to help me deep clean my kitchen. I can use Pine-Sol® and Sparkle® Paper Towels to wipe down my kitchen counters, cabinets and refrigerator. The combination of tough Sparkle® Paper Towels and Pine-Sol® Multi Surface Cleaner will help leave your kitchen clean!

One of my favorite parts about using Pine-Sol® is that it can be used for so many things. After mixing with water, I use it to wipe down my walls and even mop my kitchen floors. My kitchen is always left feeling, looking and smelling clean.

Spring Cleaning Essentials


Wipe Down Baseboards

Using a Clorox® Disinfecting Wipe on the bottom of a duster, instead of a cleaning pad, will help you wipe down dust and help rid of germs. Baseboards are easily looked over and forgotten. But they also easily get dirty! This trick will help you easily clean them without spending hours bent over.

Spring Cleaning Essentials

Clear Pipes

My husband can attest to this, but I am ALWAYS clogging our shower and bathroom sink with my hair. It’s better to take care of our pipes and ensure we don’t have a problem later. Part of a Spring Cleaning Refresh would be to use Liquid Plumr® in shower and bathroom sinks. It’s amazing how much of a difference this makes! My husband always appreciates the strong power of Liquid Plumr® and how it blasts through clogs in our pipes.

Spring Cleaning Essentials

Refresh Spring Clothes

When it’s time to switch out my winter clothes for spring clothes, I obviously like to wash them. But after a long fall and winter of sitting in my basement, these clothes often need an extra boost! Using Snuggle® Scent Boosters helps get rid of the stale smell and adds a refreshing boost to all of your fabulous clothes!

5 Tips to Refreshing Your Home for Spring

The best part about using Snuggle® Scent Boosters it that it doesn’t just smell good, but it  can help keep your clothes ‘Snuggly Soft & Fresh.’

5 Tips to Refreshing Your Home for Spring

New Pillow Covers

Nothing says spring like a bright, colorful living room! Buying new couch pillows can be expensive. So I’ve found a way around this. You can save your winter pillows and add a cover for spring weather. This is a much cheaper option, and you don’t even need sewing skills to do it!

5 Tips to Refreshing Your Home for Spring

  1. Use enough fabric that when the fabric is laid out and the pillow is placed in the middle, you can fold all sides over the pillow with at least 3 inches of overlap.

    5 Tips to Refreshing Your Home for Spring

  2. Fold fabric over the top and bottom of the pillow.

    5 Tips to Refreshing Your Home for Spring

  3. Fold ends of fabric over a pillow like you would when wrapping a present.

    5 Tips to Refreshing Your Home for Spring

  4. Tie the fabric ends in a knot.

I love how these add a pop of Springtime feels to my living room!

5 Tips to Refreshing Your Home for Spring

All of these amazing Clorox, Henkel and Georgia-Pacific products can be found at your local Dollar General in the cleaning supplies department. Through 3/18/18, when you spend $15, you can save $5. Head to your local Dollar General to start preparing for your own Spring Cleaning Refresh!

DIY No Sew Pillow Tutorial


  1. Marjie Mare | 5th Mar 18

    I always love the fresh scent of Pine-sol since I was a little girl and I still use it in my own home now.

  2. Lucky Mom Inspires | 6th Mar 18

    I feel this is very helpful . Thank you for tips with pictures !

  3. Angie | 6th Mar 18

    I love spring cleaning. You’re right it’s great to start a brand new season with a fresh home. I declutter and deep clean every room! So satisfying.

  4. Kim | 6th Mar 18

    Love that pillow cover! It’s SUPER handy for a house with kids. Can’t wait to get started deep cleaning my house. I’ve only hit up the fridge and pantry so far!

    • Brittany | 7th Mar 18

      Thank you! IT really is! I have two big dogs, so deep cleaning is a must!

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