5 Ways to Stay Active During Winter

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I love to stay active but it can be so much harder to stay active in the winter. I’m a warm weather, summer-loving girl. But I’m also the type that loves to stay active and busy – no matter what the temperature outside is. Living in Alaska has taught me that even when the weather is cold, there are still ways to keep moving and get my heart rate up. 

How to Stay Active During Winter

No matter what kind of activity I have in mind, my new Reebok Classics from Shoe Carnival are perfect for it! I love that the Reebok Classic is so versatile. It’s fashionable, yet supports my foot extremely well that I’m able to wear it to workout as well. I may have even climbed a mountain in this shoe! 

These are the activities I do to keep myself active, even during Winter. 

Ways to Stay Active During Winter


There are tons of pretty cool trails and hikes to walk in Kodiak. We are lucky to have no shortage of mountains and beautiful scenery around us. But with that said, the weather can definitely impact our outdoor activities. While I love hiking, due to the snow, ice and bears (a real threat here) I normally stick to hikes that have a well defined path that I am already familiar with. There are also several walking trails that are pretty shielded by trees that we can walk, even if it’s raining lightly. Even if you don’t have walking trails near by, just walk in your neighborhood!

I love wearing my Reebok Classics on walks because they are so supportive on my feet. I have a lot of issues with my right foot and a lot of walking/pressure can sometimes make it hurt, but when I wear the Reebok Classics my foot felt supported and comfortable.

Ways to Stay Active During Winter

Take a Fitness Class

I love to workout, but I thrive in a class environment. I give in way too easily to excuses when I’m working out by myself. Taking a fitness class with a scheduled time, really keeps me accountable. I also love being surrounded by other’s who are encouraging each other and trying to reach a common goal. Taking a fitness class not only pushes me to get to the gym, but it also pairs me up with like-minded women who help me reach my full potential. 

During the colder months, it can be hard to complete a run or workout outside. During the summer I love hiking or going for a run with my husband, but that really isn’t an option for us during Winter. There are so many gyms and fitness studios that offer flexible schedules and probably have a class that is perfect for your workout style!

I was even able to wear the Reebok Classics to a Bootcamp/Cycle Combo class! I felt supported through squat jumps, burpees and even through sprints on the spin bike. 


Ways to Stay Active During Winter

Community Activities

Check and see what is going on in your local community! Is there a 5k race going on? Or a Relay For Life event that allows you to walk to support cancer? Or maybe even a seasonal parade? These are all great chances to be active, but they’re also an amazing opportunity to support your community. 

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Activities with Kids

Even short walks to the park, wagon rides or taking your little one’s to the ice rink is a great way to stay active! Our local recreation center has a few days a week where they have “toddler time” where they have a bounce house and we can bring bikes/toys to play with in the gym. As a toddler mom, this is still a way to keep your toddler active – and Mama! Not only are you getting everyone out of the house but Mom is probably getting her heart rate up while chasing her little one’s around. Or atleast that’s what happens to me! 

Ways to Stay Active During Winter

Beach Visits

While I realize not everyone has this option, we all can find a place outdoors that we love to explore. My toddler, Madison, absolutely loves going to the beach! We have a really cool beach by our house where we can watch airplanes take off from the close-by airport, collect seashells and see an abundance of wildlife. The salt water air always relaxes me and makes me feel better too. I can even wear my Reebok Classics on these walks! Even with our black sand, I was able to easily wipe these clean for my spin class the next day. 

Make sure to head to Shoe Carnival to purchase your own Reebok Classics!

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  1. Nikki | 20th Nov 18

    Staying active all year round is so important! I’m so glad that you’re spreading this message!

    • Brittany | 20th Nov 18

      Thank you!

  2. Marcie | 20th Nov 18

    Kids activities are my primarily way of getting active during the rainy/chilly winter weather!

    • Brittany | 20th Nov 18

      Yes! They totally are!

  3. Val@thoughtfulneighbor.com | 20th Nov 18

    Love the color of your Reebok’s. I always struggle with finding ways to be active other than a workout. Ice skating is a great idea. We also like to do Just Dance with our kids in the winter.

    • Brittany | 20th Nov 18

      I’ve never tried Just Dance! Might have to try that soon! 🙂

  4. Marina | 20th Nov 18

    Great tips. I keep myself busy the whole year and I love it x

    • Brittany | 20th Nov 18

      It’s so important!

  5. Christa | 21st Nov 18

    These are great tips! It’s so important to stay active year-round. It’s easy to lose motivation in the colder months. These tips will help with that.

  6. Niki at Toot's Mom is Tired | 30th Nov 18

    I’ve tried walking outside but it gets way too cold here. I have to resort to being a mall walker. lol

    • Brittany | 7th Dec 18

      If we had a mall this would be me!

  7. Erin | 3rd Dec 18

    I love these ideas for staying active in winter. I’ll probably be relying heavily on my apartment’s gym, especially the treadmill. But, going ice skating or to the beach sounds much more fun!

  8. joy abou zeid | 4th Dec 18

    Amazing tips!! I should start working out more often, I really wish I had more time

  9. Amanda Martin | 4th Dec 18

    This may seem silly but I like working out in the winter more because I don’t sweat as much meaning I can stretch my hair washing days out more hahaha. HOWEVER I am a sucker for coming home after work, getting cozy under a blanket and watching Christmas movies. It’s hard to balance!

  10. Kelsey | 4th Dec 18

    Ugh it’s always soooo hard for me to stay active this time of year!! These are great tips!

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