5 Youtube Yoga Workouts That You Can Do ANYWHERE

I absolutely LOVE yoga. It can be an amazing workout while also allowing me to focus on my breathing and well being. I normally love to do HIIT style workouts or circuit training but love to mix in a few yoga classes a week. It’s great to do a yoga class to stretch out my muscles after getting my butt kicked by my trainer.

When most people think of yoga workouts, they usually think of the calm, soothing yoga workouts. While there are some yoga workouts that are slower pace, there are also several types of yoga that are cardio based and that can help you raise your heartrate while also strengthening and toning muscles.

The gym I go to offers childcare, so I normally like to take yoga classes at my local gym. My gym time is my “me” time. It’s so nice to have an hour to myself to concentrate on my health, while knowing Madison is being taken care of. Plus Madison really enjoys the social aspect of getting to play with the other kiddos. However, there are times when I’m not able to make it to the gym but still want to get a good workout in at home. That’s when youtube yoga workouts step in and help me get an amazing workout in from my own living room!

Whether you are traveling, can’t make it to the gym or just prefer to do your workouts from the comfort of your own home. These are five amazing yoga workouts that I personally have tried and recommend.


  1. Rose | 23rd Sep 16

    This is awesome! I’m definitely going to try yoga this fall. I will let you know how it works out! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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