6-9 Month Baby Schedule

While I was on maternity leave I tried to have Madison on a schedule but I fed on demand, so we kind of just let her make the schedule. I was able to establish a bedtime routine early but we let her determine the rest of the day. 

I quit work about a month and a half before our leaving for Kodiak. Since Madison was five months old at that point, it was really important for me to establish a daily schedule. As we all know, sometimes these schedules change. Sometimes our babies are sick or teething and just want to nap more. Sometimes they refuse to nap when you try to put them down. But establishing a schedule and a routine will make your life as a parent SOOO much easier! Deciding on a schedule that works for you and your baby and sticking with it is key! Babies find comfort in consistency. So by having a consistent schedule (and not giving up when it’s tough at first), your days will get easier over time.


The graphic above is what has really worked for Madison. Every baby is different so times and daily activities can be switched around to better suite your baby. Even when we were traveling, I was still able to stick with this routine.

Having a consistent schedule has allowed us to have both a happy baby and a happy Mama!


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