7 Tips & Tricks to Help Acid Reflux

It is quite common for babies to be born with acid reflux. Acid Reflux is when food backs up in the baby’s stomach, causing them to spit up. Babies are born without a fully mature esophagus, which is why it is so common for this to occur.

My daughter, Madison, had an awful case of acid reflux. Due to this she was barely gaining weight. At her four month appointment, she was barely 10 pounds and throwing up 3 or more times after every feeding. After months of struggling, I learned a few things along the way. Hopefully these tips will help you get your baby’s Reflux under control quickly.

  1. Elevate Feedings – Feed baby in a raised position. Keeping baby elevated for 15-20 minutes after feeding can help food settle in their stomachs.

  2. Gripe Water – Gripe Water is a natural remedy to help soothe a baby’s upset tummy. It almost immediately takes away hiccups. I began giving my daughter some before a bottle feeding to help ease her stomach to better keep the formula down.

  3. Tilt Crib Mattress – Place crib mattress at an elevated angle. Laying flat on a baby’s back can cause acid reflux to hurt worse and cause a tummy ache. For newborns, some bassinets have the ability to raise at an angle or I’d recommend a rock-n-play. The rock-n-play keeps your little one raised at an angle. This was excellent to place Madison in when she was still an infant for either naps or to keep her sitting up after a feeding. I even have friends that used these in place of a bassinet.]

  4. Break Feeding Up With Burping – I would burp Madison after every 2 oz she drank. This helped get rid of any gas bubbles in her stomach instead of allowing them to build up.

  5. Use Anti-Colic Bottles – Most bottles are made anti-colic now, which means they’re designed to keep air out of bottles. Swallowing air can cause spit up or gas bubbles in the stomach.

  6. Organic Formula – I tried almost every type of formula on the market. I tried soy, regular, formula designed for Acid Reflux, formula to be gentle on stomachs, etc. The formula that finally was easy enough on Madison’s stomach was an organic/low lactose type. After switching her to organic, her spitting up almost completely ceased.

  7. Consult Your Doctor – If your little one has an extreme case where it is affecting their weight, consult your doctor for a plan. Our doctor was able to write Madison a prescription since she had an extreme case, which did help tremendously.

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