7 Tips for a Winter PCS Move

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I remember when my husband received orders to Kodiak, Alaska from North Carolina. I was on maternity leave, already stressed, hormonal and was not expecting an OCONUS move. Especially one to a tiny island in Alaska. Even though I’d gone through several permanent change of station (PCS) moves as a child when my Dad was in the Coast Guard, it’s a completely different ball game as a spouse. This was my first PCS move as a spouse and I had no idea what to expect. I felt like I was just going through the motions and learning along my way.

No matter if your family received their top pick or their last (or not even one on the list, like us), a PCS move is tough. There are a million tiny (and not so tiny) details to plan for. Each move is different and no matter how seasoned you are in the world of military moves, there is always something new to learn and prepare for.

A winter PCS move has its own special challenges. Thankfully, CORT has an amazing article on the Top 7 Tips for a Winter PCS Move! CORT spills some major tips, resources and knowledge bombs in this article.

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So what are these amazing tips?

  1. Ship the Essentials – Since we were moving to Alaska, our household goods took about 6 weeks to arrive. If you’re PCSing during the winter, you need to take into account that winter weather can slow this process down. It’s better to have your goods arrive too early than too late.

  2. Connect Early – Connecting with other military spouses who had lived in Kodiak REALLY helped me prepare mentally for the move. It also helped me learn about activities and opportunities in the area for my daughter.

  3. Lighten Up – This move is GOING to happen. Stressing out will only make the situation worse. Just go with the flow!

  4. Winterize Your Vehicles – Depending on where you are moving you may need snow tires. Check into this ahead of time in order to be prepared.

  5. Prepare for Sickness – Winter is always the season of sickness. Make sure to be prepared for the unexpected and bring a baggy of medicine along, just in case.

  6. Celebrate the Season – PCSing can be fun! This is a season of new beginnings, make the most out of it!

  7. Use Military Resources – Check out CORT’s Top 7 Tips for a Winter PCS Move article to learn more about some awesome military resources. These are essential for moving and can really help you prepare both mentally and physically.

Check out the article by CORT for yourself to learn more! Top 7 Tips for a Winter PCS Move

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