Breden Kids Balaclava Hat Review

***Disclosure – I did receive compensation for this post. All thoughts, opinions and my love for this product, are all my own. ***

While spring is just around the corner,we still have a few more months of bundling up our babies to keep them warm. Kodiak has had an unusually cold winter this year. We’re still experiencing weather in the 20s and snow! Crazy, right? We are clearly not in the south anymore.

Our number one priority is to keep Madison warm and healthy. That’s why I am so excited to partner up with Breden Kids to tell you about their amazing Balaclava Hat! The Balaclava is a ninja style warm mask that is a combination of a hat and scarf. This is sure to keep your little one’s warm!

The Balaclava hat is made of 95% GOTS certified organic cotton. While the one I received does not have a thick lining, Breden Kids does also offer Balaclava hats with a wool lining for colder weather.  The one I received is perfectly suitable for 40-60 degrees fahrenheit. Breden Kids even makes Balaclavas for infants and children from 5 months to 7 years old.  

Madison is currently in full blown toddler mode. She hates wearing hats and will then get mad when her face is cold. So the Balaclava is a lifesaver because Madison keeps the hat on and her face stays warm. Unlike a normal hat, her neck is also covered. So you’re able to keep your kiddos warm without the added hassle of an extra accessory.

We had a rare warm-for-us day this week, so I bundled Madison up in her snowsuit and Balaclavas hat and took her for a ride in her wagon. We bought her this wagon for her to use to pull her toys around, but she’d rather us pull her in it. She’s almost too big for it, so we’ll need to get a bigger one soon. It was so nice because for the first time in a LONG time, Madison wasn’t able to pull her hat off! Since the Balaclavas is windproof and blocks against UV rays, I had no worries knowing she was protected.

Through cold winter days to chilly spring nights, the Balaclavas hat will keep your little one warm and protected. You can buy one for yourself on amazon or by clicking HERE

Don’t forget to check out the Breden Kids website , facebook page and instagram to see additional awesome products!


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