Bring Your Favorite Photo’s to Life with Lumaprints!

***Disclosure – I did receive compensation for my honest review. However, all opinions, including my love for this product, are all my own.***

How do you remember your special days? Is it through your wedding photo album? Picture frames on your walls? But do these ways of preserving and showing off the best days of your life do justice to your memories? Are they truly showing how beautiful these memories are?

I’ve partnered up with Lumaprints to tell you about how one of their metal prints can bring your favorite photographs to life!

My husband has been out of town these past few weeks, so I’ve taken this time to redecorate and reorganize our bedroom. During my redecorating, Lumaprints contacted me about partnering together for a blog review. Perfect timing, right!?! Lumaprints creates various types of canvas, metal and fine art prints.


Lumaprints sent me a 24×36 metal print. This is the first printing company that I’ve worked with professionally or personally that truly tried to ensure they were able to give me the best quality print as possible. When I first submitted my photo to be printed, the graphic designer contacted me for a higher quality photo. They wanted to give me the best possible product. The fact that they cared so much about the product they were producing and working with me through it, spoke volumes for the type of company Lumaprints represents.

When I received my metal print I was completely BLOWN AWAY. I submitted my favorite wedding photo for the metal print. I LOVE our wedding photos. I had an absolutely amazing wedding photographer who helped bring us the most beautiful photos to commemorate our special day. Although I have several of our wedding photos around the house, when I saw the reviews for the metal print I knew I had the perfect photo for this.

The finished product for the metal print is absolutely stunning! This is the perfect piece and size to pull our bedroom together. It’s vibrant, high definition, slim and lightweight. The metal print totally brings the picture to life. Whenever I enter our bedroom now, my eyes are automatically drawn to this beautiful print. No matter the room, a metal print can add the perfect touch to any decor.

If you’re looking to redecorate, add to your room decor or need to pick up the perfect Mother’s Day gift, I have the perfect opportunity for you! You can save 50% off your own print from Lumaprint by using the promo code AFLAM50. The promo  can only be used when logged-in using a regular account and can only be used once per customer. To register for a regular account, you simply have to register during checkout. During registration, select “Regular” as the account type. Don’t hesitate and make sure to take advantage of this promo code and prepare to be blown away!


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