How You Can Teach Your Toddler About Bullying

Everyday there is a story in the news about bullying. We read about some kids taking bullying too far and then we also hear about some who take their own lives because of the pain being bullied has caused them. Earlier this year there was even a news story about an 8 year-old who committed suicide after being bullied. Both version of this story are heartbreaking, which is why I’m determined to teach my daughter to spread kindness and not hate. Luckily, as parents, there are several things we can do to teach our toddlers about bullying.

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Snapology offers an anti-bullying program that uses hands on activities to engage children of all ages. They offer an assembly format, large group format and small group format. Children of all ages can learn something from this interactive program. You can learn more about Snapology and where to find one in your neighborhood by checking out their website HERE.

Anti-Bullying Books

Toddlers often learn through imaginative activities, especially books. There are several books that teach an anti-bullying message like The Jolly Reindeer or Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship. There is a great post over on the Untrained Housewife of 30 Anti-Bullying Books for Kids. I’ve definitely picked up a few of these for my daughter!

Teach Kindness

Teaching kindness to your toddler is so much more than just teaching your child to be nice to others. It’s important to teach them to respect others and themselves as well. The Mother’s Niche explains some amazing ways in her post on Teaching Your Child Kindness at an Early Age. It can never be too early to teach kindness.

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Be Involved In Their Social Lives

It’s important to monitor how our children act in public. This is the perfect time to correct behavior if needed or to praise good behavior. Being present in our children’s lives has such a positive impact. While we can’t be with them all the time, it is important to set a precedent for how they should and should not act.

If you’re looking for an anti-bullying activity check out this Simple Anti-Bullying Storytelling Activity by Books and Giggles.



  1. Anonymous | 19th Dec 17

    It’s always good to start teaching your children young about bullying. It’s a start to help prevent these kinds of issues.

    • Brittany | 21st Dec 17

      I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Kayla Stone | 22nd Dec 17

    WE love our snapology. I wish I had had it as a child. Maybe I would have gone into one of the more science focused careers! !

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