Day 11 – Homer, Alaska

We are officially done with the driving portion of our road trip. Praise Jesus!

This morning Madison woke us up at 5:11AM. That is wayyyyyy too early to wake up in my opinion. We had hoped to sleep in a little bit, but Madison had a different plan. After trying to coax her into going back to bed, we decided to get up and start our day. Since we were eager to get the driving portion of our day over with, we decided to finish our shopping in Homer and headed that way early.

Our early morning started ended up being quite the blessing in disguise. We were on the road by 7:30AM and it was only a 4 hour drive to Homer. We figured we could shop around and find some fun things to do before checking into our hotel. Madison cried and screamed when I was putting her in her carseat. Even Riley didn’t want to jump in the front seat. I can tell they were both really over the long driving days. Luckily today’s drive was a shorter one.

We were making great time and were about an hour outside of Anchorage when we heard a loud POP! We soon realized we had a flat tire. Luckily we were able to immediately pull off into a sightseeing area. A gentleman who was already in the parking lot, came over when he realized we had a flat tire. He helped Matt attempt to patch the tire (which didn’t work since the hole was too big) and then helped him put the donut wheel on the car. We are so grateful that this happened outside of a major area of Alaska and not the Yukon, where we had no cell phone service and low traffic. We are also so grateful for a kind strangers help. My hands were pretty tied trying to keep Madison and Riley calm, and while I know Matt could have handled changing the tire on his own, it’s always nice to have help in a stressful situation.

Luckily we were able to find a Midas Tire Shop about 45 minutes down the road. There was about an hour wait, so we found a park nearby and took Riley out for some fresh air. The park had walkways along the water that we walked down. Riley’s been so cramped in the car that we like to get her out whenever we can. On our way back to the car we think Riley stepped on a bee. She jumped back and nursed her paw, and we saw several other bees flying around. There were no splinters, so we’re just assuming this is what happened. Last year, Riley was stung above her eye and had a HORRIBLE reaction. She looked like a swollen Shar-pei by the end of the day. I had to take her to get a steroid shot from the vet and it still took a couple of days for the swelling to go down. I was SO worried this would happen again. I was freaking out about how to handle the situation in a town I knew nothing about in the limited amount of time we’d be there. Matt once again brought me back down to earth. In the end, Riley didn’t have a bad reaction and everything was fine. Sometimes I worry and freak out over nothing.

After getting our car fixed, we were finally en route to Homer! The remaining two hour drive was a smooth one. Madison was super mad to get back into her carseat. As much as I despise the Mickey Mouse Club after watching in 190,000 times this week on my iPad, it is the only thing that keeps Madison’s attention. I was able to put this show on once again and it calmed her down and eventually she napped the remainder of our drive.

After getting into Homer we were able to check into our hotel and grab an early dinner. We found a delicious steak and seafood restaurant and celebrated surviving 11 days of driving in a small SUV with wine. After our week (and especially our day) it was MUCH needed!

Tomorrow is our final day of our trip! YAY! In the morning we will board the ferry for a 10 hour ride to Kodiak. I’m nervous and excited about officially being in Kodiak. I am excited to finally get our lives started there. I feel like we’ve been in limbo and putting things on hold for the past few months over this move. So it will be nice to officially be “living” again.

However, I can say the weather here is FREEZING. 60 degrees in Alaska is not the 60 degrees we experienced in North Carolina. I am regretting not packing more sweatshirts for our road trip. Hopefully our movers will have our stuff (and my warm clothes) in Kodiak very soon.

Here are a few pictures from our day!





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