Day 2 – Chicago

After our emotionally exhausting day yesterday, we all crashed pretty early and slept hard. A good night of sleep was much needed. When we woke up this morning we all felt refreshed and were able to make it out of the hotel by 8:15. Considering Matt and I were trying to get ourselves, Madison and Riley taken care of – I took that as a big success.

Today we traveled from Pittsburgh, PA to Chicago, Ill. The drive was actually pretty smooth and easy. There were really bad storms last night/this morning in the midwest, but we were lucky to only get caught in a little rain.

When we drove through Indiana it really reminded me of home. It was ALL farmland. It was really pretty though and the towns we drove through looked really quaint.

Lately, Madison has started to catch on to how she can get other people’s attention. When she catches someone smiling at her she’ll squeal and giggle. For lunch we decided to stop at truck stop in Ohio. There was a main dining area and about three different restaurants to choose from. While we were ordering, a couple complimented us on how cute Madison was and it’s like she saw her entrance for catching everyone’s attention. Almost the entire 30 minutes we were at the truck stop she was squealing and yelling “da-da-da-da-da”. I was happy she was in such a great mood. I can already tell she’s going to act like I did when I was younger. My Mom used to always tell me she “hopes I have a daughter just like me”, and I’m thinking she got her wish.

We made really good time today and got to Chicago around 3:30PM. We were so tired of being in the car that we ordered delivery to our hotel room again. We ordered Chicago Deep Dish pizza! Chicago deep dish is really different, the sauce is on top of the cheese! I’d been dying to try some. We found a place that made personal pizza’s and since mine and Matt’s taste differ so much, we thought this was perfect. I scanned the menu and saw a Gluten Free option so I ordered that. I try to eat really low carb in general, but gluten has always had a negative effect on my body. I slacked on my diet for a while, but it’s so much better for my body and wellbeing when I’m more strict with it.

When we got the pizza it looked AMAZING! It was the one thing I wanted to try in Chicago. The only downside, was the “crust” was sausage and I’m not a big fan of sausage. I guess next time I’ll read the menu a little better.

So far, this trip has been pretty fun. Madison and Riley have both handled the trip with ease so far. I’m sure this won’t last the entire 12-day trip, but a girl can hope! It’s crazy to think that we have two more days in the “lower 48” before we enter Canada. I’m really excited about exploring some of the places that we’ll be staying there. Tomorrow we’ll be staying in Albany, MN. I don’t know much about the town but I hope we get to explore a little bit.

Here are a few pics from our day!






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