Day 3 – Cold Springs, MN

Today was our first semi-challenging day.

The drive was only about seven hours from Chicago to Cold Springs, but we hit a lot of traffic. So our seven hour day turned into about a nine hour day. I felt so bad for having Madison in her carseat that long. She handled the drive pretty well though for the most part.

We drove through Wisconsin, which definitely reminded me of all those cow commercials, LOL. Most of the state (that I saw) was farm land. The drive was pretty easy until we got near Minneapolis. That’s where traffic picked up and dragged out our drive.

So far on this trip, I’ve learned a lot. Especially about traveling with a baby. I had a lot of friends give me tips for this trip, but I’m not sure if anything can prepare you for how your baby will handle the trip. Having Madison on a strict schedule has really helped. So far, I’ve been able to mostly keep her on her schedule which majorly helps her mood. We try to get her out in the fresh air when we can and I can tell that makes a HUGE difference. An optimistic attitude does wonders to our situation though. I’m quick to get an attitude at times and stress out, but luckily my husband is the complete opposite of me (opposites really do attract). He always is able to calm me down and help me look at the bright side of things. He always tells me there’s no need to stress over things I can’t change or help…which is easier said than done in my case…but he is 100% correct. That’s definitely something I need to personally work on.

Today was a big learning experience. We learned several things on our drive.

  1. Explosive diapers can happen more than once

  2. Dogs can projectile vomit on you

  3. Illinois State Troopers are kinda anal

  4. Gas stations in Minnesota don’t sell wine.

  5. But some of the gas stations do have amazing bakeries that sell homemade cookies and kill my diet

  6. Sports talk radio only talks about the same topic for 12 hours straight

  7. Wisconsin really does have a ton of cows

  8. My baby is amazing and can still be in a happy mood even after being in her car seat for 9 hours

I was kinda lazy with my camera today, but I promise to make up for it tomorrow! We’ll be traveling to Minot, ND for our last night in the lower 48. This trip has been amazing and a great learning experience so far. I am so excited to enter Canada and see how beautiful some of our destinations are there.


  1. Patty | 25th Jun 16

    So, I guess my Son has learned something from me! Good job Matt.

    • Brittany | 25th Jun 16

      You taught him well 🙂

  2. Karencarlsen | 25th Jun 16

    love this!! Keep it coming!

    • Brittany | 25th Jun 16

      I’m so glad you like it, Karen!

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