Days 2 & 3 – Tok, AK and Whitehorse, Yukon

When we made the trip to Kodiak, I was able to blog every night. This time around our situation is a little different. Madison is 3 1/2, I’m 30 weeks pregnant and we’re making the drive in 7 days instead of 12. We’re all pretty exhausted when we get to the hotel and as much as I’d love to update my blog ASAP, there will probably be more days than not that I’m just too tired.

Yesterday, we left Homer and saw a moose before even leaving the parking lot of our hotel. We actually saw 5 moose before even leaving Homer! There are no moose in Kodiak, so I was super excited.

The views on our drive were absolutely gorgeous. We were driving from Homer to Tok, where we passed through a few national parks. Alaska is truly one of the most naturally beautiful places.

One of the parks we drove through was Glacier Bay National Park. We drove through here during July on our way to Kodiak, and the views were 100 times more awesome this time. Matt was a trooper and pulled over the car for all my photograph requests.

We drove to Tok, which was an extremely small town in northeast Alaska near the Canadian border. The hotel we stayed at advertised being in “downtown Tok” near shopping and restaurants. However, the only “shopping” we saw was a gas station and liquor store and there was only one restaurant in town – but not within walking distance. Unless you’re staying in a big tourist town like Anchorage, Homer,Kodiak, etc – you’re probably not going to get the hotel amenities that you’re used to.

Today, we crossed the border to the Yukon in Canada. The Yukon is beautiful but SO remote. Gas stations are few and far between and the ones they do have limited options.

We only had an eight hour drive today to Whitehorse, which seemed to pass quickly compared to the drive to Tok. Whitehorse is a big city compared to the rest of the Yukon, so luckily we had plenty of dinner and hotel options here. We were so exhausted all we wanted to do was get delivery to our hotel room and go to bed early. Thankfully, my three year old was just as tired.

Tomorrow we’re driving to Fort Nelson, British Columbia. It’s about a 10 hour drive, but it’s another 10 hours closer to Cape Cod!


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