DIY Easter Egg Wreath

When I was a kid, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. Easter always signaled new beginnings and warmer weather.

Now that I’m an adult, Easter is still one of my favorite holidays. I love the meaning of Easter and how we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Easter Sunday was always a special day for my family. We always got a new outfit specifically for the Sunday church service. If you’re looking for an Easter dress this year, I’d highly suggest checking out my review of PinkBlush! There is even a chance for you to enter to win a $50 giftcard!  

It’s been so fun teaching Madison about the meaning of Easter and the Easter bunny. While last year was her first Easter, this Easter will be the first one where she somewhat understands what’s going on. Matt and I are super excited to take Madison on her first Easter egg hunt and to see the Easter Bunny! Seeing Santa Clause did not go very well in December, so I’m assuming the Easter Bunny may not have a good outcome either.

While we’re getting to experience all these new fun activities to celebrate Easter this year with Madison, I still love decorating my house for Easter. Since Alaska is SO cold right now, I try to convince myself that pretty spring colors will make me feel warmer. It’s not quite working, but it makes me happy, so that’s all that counts.

Last week, while at Walmart I had the idea to make an Easter Egg Wreath! I’d seen a few on Etsy last week that were around $70. While browsing the Easter decorations, I decided I would make one myself! I’m not a super crafty person, so when I say this is easy – that means anyone can do it. Besides making this wreath being super easy, it was also super cheap! The making of this wreath cost less than $20.

All you need to make this wreath are 3 package of 48 count plastic Easter eggs, hot glue gun & glue, styrofoam wreath and 1 package of Easter grass.  

First begin to glue eggs at a diagonal angle on flat top of wreath. Do this until the top of the wreath is completely covered. There will be spaces and a lot of the styrofoam wreath will still be exposed. This is okay!

Next, glue plastic eggs to the inside of the wreath. I glued my eggs in a standing up position. Every other egg I would change the side of the egg that was facing the top of the wreath (see image above).

There should be a big gap between eggs from the top of the wreath and the inside of the wreath. I placed another row of eggs in this gap to complete a circle.

Cover the outside of the wreath with plastic eggs the same way that you did the inside.

Now that your wreath is covered in Easter Eggs, you’re almost done!

Next you will use the Easter grass to cover the spaces between the eggs that exposes the styrofoam wreath. I took a small amount of Easter grass, around 10 pieces, and just bunched it up in a small ball. I then hot glue on the exposed area of the wreath and place Easter grass in the open spot. I tried to get the grass as close to the exposed wreath as possible. Some of the Easter eggs were so close together that I couldn’t get the grass to the top of the wreath, so I glued them between the easter eggs. This still made the eggs look like they were sitting on grass.

TA-DA! All Done! 🙂

Easter may be 6 weeks away, but we’re ready in the Colasuonno house!


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