Easy and Healthy Dog Treats

We’ve learned to spell out T-R-E-A-T in our house, because our doggies LOVE their treats!

When we decided to foster Lena, the animal shelter gave us strict orders to help her lose some weight and to only “occasionally” feed her treats. However, Riley is super spoiled and is accustomed to getting a few dog treats each day. There was no way I’d be able to give Riley a treat without giving Lena one! That’s why I decided to make my own “healthy” dog treats!

I’d seen sweet potato dog treats floating around on pinterest, but wanted to simplify them so they were as natural and healthy as possible. So I figured, why not use JUST sweet potato? When Riley was having her IBS (yes, my dog has IBS…not fun) issues, we used sweet potatoes and rice to settle her stomach. Sweet potatoes are also high in dietary fiber and low in fat – so this was a win-win for BOTH of our dogs.

I love making homemade dog treats because then I know exactly what ingredients are going in them. Just like I make my daughter’s food, I want to make sure my dogter’s are receiving the best nutrients from a treat that can also be healthy for them.

And the best part about these homemade dog treats? THEY’RE EASY! They’re also doggy approved!

First preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Having a lower heat setting will dehydrate the sweet potatoes, making them chewy treats. I use three sweet potatoes to make a full baking pan of treats.


 I like to microwave the sweet potatoes for 3 minutes to soften them up before slicing. Sweet potatoes can be tough to cut without a little help from your microwave! After the sweet potatoes have cooled, I cut the ends off.


Then slice sweet potatoes into long ¼ inch thick slices – leave the skin on, it’s yummy too!


Place slices on parchment paper on a baking sheet and place in oven for 3 hours – flipping over halfway through.


Place your leftover treats in your refrigerator to share later.

I must say, this is a recipe I will continue to make for my doggies. Let me know if your doggies love them as much as mine do! 🙂



  1. Skipper B | 26th Oct 16

    My vet got on me several times for giving the dog too many dog bones and other treats. The dog was over weight, no question, but the vet insisted I was not doing my dog a favor. I tried hard for years to cut them down in quantity but they are smart. They go out to the neighbors and beg. I am sure I lost that battle and only achieved a of my dogs desire to eat more bones than ever. I am convinced you are going to lose any attempt to make your lab diet. Who ever feeds the lab, owns him.

    • Brittany | 26th Oct 16

      LOL I agree! She’s on prescription weight loss food, but she loves to eat! She doesn’t walk very well but I’ve tried to give her these lowfat treats and take her on short walks. I just can’t say no to her sweet face though! Luckily these are super healthy for her.

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