7 Exercises to Help Beat the Baby Blues

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Did you know postpartum depression effects up to 25% of new moms? I know when I became a new mom it was overwhelming trying to heal my own body while carrying for a newborn. If you add sleep deprivation into the equation and you can see how overwhelming being a new mom can be.

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Sleep Deprivation, hormonal imbalance, stress, worries over returning to work and negative body image can often lead to postpartum depression. If you believe that you are suffering from postpartum depression, make sure to seek the advice of a medical professional.

exercises for postpartum depression

While anti-depressants and therapy can help postpartum depression, researchers now believe that partaking in certain exercises can help improve postpartum depression as well.

Walking – Walking is a great starter exercise. When I felt strong enough, I began taking short walks around our neighborhood with my husband and baby in the stroller. Once my doctor had given me the okay to work out, I began taking longer walks. It was a great way to help me get my foot in the door to working out and it gave me time outside to think through my emotions and stress.

Yoga – Yoga helps connect your body and mind. It can also help ease your mind, stress and anxiety levels through anxiety/stress relieving poses. Yoga can also help strengthen your core and pelvic floor after pregnancy and child birth.

Running – Running is a huge stress and anxiety reliever.

Strength training/HIIT – Strength training and HIIT are forms of exercise that should be conducted after your body is healed after child birth. This is a way to decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

Hiking – Is there anything better than getting a workout in while also enjoying all that nature has to offer. The best part about hiking is in addition to decreasing stress, anxiety and depression it also is a form of exercise that you can do while baby wearing.

Kickboxing – This is a form of High Intensity Interval Training that helps you decrease stress, anger, anxiety and depression.

Dancing – The best part about dancing (in addition to the massive calories you can burn) is that it doesn’t have to be done in a gym. You can dance it out in your living room, in a workout class or while out with your girls. This is another amazing way to help improve postpartum depression.

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  1. Marta Rivera | 27th Dec 17

    Dancing definitely helped. Dancing right after a c-section? Not so much! Great list with wonderful advice!

    • Brittany | 27th Dec 17

      Oh definitely not! But anything can be done given the amount of time! 🙂

  2. Anna | 27th Dec 17

    These are good tips for moms. I definitely enjoy doing yoga.

  3. Kaitlynn | 27th Dec 17

    these exercises sound like they could lighten the mood for anyone! Such a great reminder that a physical activity can truly brighten up someone’s day

  4. candy | 27th Dec 17

    Haven’t had any babies in many, many years. All of these different ways to get out and work up a sweat and move would be wonderful for anyone.

  5. Annette Dattilo | 28th Dec 17

    I am a huge believer that exercise is healthy for the mind. Thank you for the details on how each one is helpful.

  6. Hermine Jane | 2nd Jan 18

    Physical activity is very important both during pregnancy and after. But after, you have to listen to your body and let your body heal. Great list of exercises. Yoga is definitely my fav!

    • Brittany | 3rd Jan 18

      I totally agree. Listening to your body is so important.

  7. Tayler | 2nd Jan 18

    These are all great exercises! Walking definitely helped me during and after pregnancy!

    • Brittany | 3rd Jan 18

      Me too! 🙂

  8. Caitlin | Beauty & Colour | 2nd Jan 18

    Exercise is literally the best way to get rid of ANY blues!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    • Brittany | 3rd Jan 18


  9. Regina | 2nd Jan 18

    Baby blues is definitely real. These are some awesome tips. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Renee Rose | 3rd Jan 18

    I had postpartum depression BAD after having my son (he’s 6 months). I’m finally starting to get out of it! I need to start making time to go running again as I know that’s always helped me with depression in the past. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  11. Lateasa | 3rd Jan 18

    This was right on time!! My baby is 4 months old and I’ve definitely have had some stresses. I just started implementing kickboxing into my routine and it has helped tremendously!! Great read!!

    • Brittany | 4th Jan 18

      I LOVE kickboxing! I wasn’t able to do it that early since I had a c-section, but it’s an amazing workout!

  12. Catherine | 3rd Jan 18

    These are great tips. I did Wii yoga after my second was born, and it was a lifesaver. It’s so important (but hard) to focus on yourself when you are a new mom.

  13. Natalie | 4th Jan 18

    This could not have come at a better time- I’m due with my second this week and really want to get into yoga!

  14. Lisa | 4th Jan 18

    Sadly, I needed this more during my last pregnancy than after! I hardly suffered from postpartum but suffered during my last i think because it was winter! These exercises are definitely worth trying to fight the winter blues too!

  15. Michele | 5th Jan 18

    No babies (yet), but this seems like it would be a great list for anyone dealing with depression!

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