Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout Tracked with Fitbit

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included Fitbit as compensation.

This fat burning partner ab workout is the perfect way to break a sweat with your workout partner!

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

This weekend, the sun finally came out to play! So two of my girl friends and I grabbed our strollers, the kiddo’s and head to the local park. I had just received the new Fitbit Charge 3 from Kohl’s and was so excited to track my workout.

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

Before upgrading, I used Fitbit’s Charge 2. The upgraded Charge 3 is a major renovation of the Charge 2. I’m able to get an even deeper understanding of my body and health with the Charge 3. I’m able to track my sleep, steps, heart rate, 15+ exercises and calorie burn. The Charge 3 can now even track swims. My favorite new feature is that women can now track their female health! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a while now, and I love that I’m able to track my monthly cycle and my most fertile days right along with my daily workout.

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

In addition to the Fitbit Charge 3, you can also purchase the Fitbit Versa from Kohl’s. The Versa is a modern smartwatch at an affordable price. The Versa offers a comfortable design and a new dashboard that simplifies how you access your health and fitness data. Kohl’s is exclusively offering the Versa in a Ruby Band with a rose gold aluminum case.

You can purchase the  New Fitbit Charge 3 for $149.99 and the  New Fitbit Versa Ruby (Kohl’s Exclusive Color) for $199.99. If you’re like me and you love to save money, you need to head to your local Kohl’s during the month of October. From 10/22 -28 you can even earn Kohl’s cash back on your purchases to redeem from 10/29-11/3. As always, Kohl’s has AMAZING sales. During October you can save on select Fitbit products like the Ionic, Ace and Alta. The Fitbit Ace is even for children 8 years old and up! 

After you grab your new Fitbit from Kohl’s, grab your favorite workout buddy to try out this fat burning partner ab workout! I like to work in intervals, Fitbit Charge 3. For this workout we worked in 45 second intervals, with 15 second rest periods.

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

Plank Claps

Hold a firm plank and clap opposite hands with your partner. Challenge yourselves to see how many you can get within the 45 second time period.

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

Russian Ball Twist

Sit with your back to your partner and keep your core engaged. Using a weighted ball, or even a light dumbell, pass from side to side to your partner. This is a great way to work your obliques!

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

Partner Sit-Up

Have one partner hold a weighted ball in their hand. With your core engaged, siit in the sit-up position with your feet touching your partners on the ground. Both partners should meet with hands forward facing in the middle to pass the ball. Repeat.

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

Partner Holding Squat

Standing tall, have your hands meet in the middle and follow into a squat position. Hold for the entire 45 seconds. If you want more of a cardio burn, make this a jump squat and push each other to see how many you can do!

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

Partner Chair Squat

Standing back to back with your partner, engage your core, link arms and stand in a squat position. This is so much harder than it looks and a great way to get that ab burn!

During this exercise my Charge 3 definitely showed an increase in heart rate!

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

Partner Jump Over Planks

This exercise was our favorite! It was fun to do, but you also have to trust your partner to make the jump over you. Have one partner get in the plank position and the other partner jumps over them. After 45 seconds, switch roles.

Fat Burning Partner Ab Workout

We warmed up our partner workout with a few laps around the track and some other cardio moves. It was an amazing workout and so much fun to do with your workout partner.

If you loved this workout – make sure to check out my others! Make sure to pick up the new Fitbit Charge 3 from Kohl’s to track your progress!

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