How To Get Paid To Post On Instagram

Disclosure : This post does contain affiliate links.If you join a network through my link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. 

As an influencer, instagram is a huge part of my social media “game”. I love posting pictures of my family and our everyday lives. Since opening my instagram account, I have built a large following. The best part about growing your following, is that companies will pay for you to advertise their product through posts!

Last month I made $370 just by posting on Instagram. Some of these posts sent me free product to post along with payment and some just asked me to post a certain shot and mention their brand name – like this post here from Clear Eyes.

So how can YOU earn money by posting on instagram?

Social Native  – I joined Social Native about two months ago and I’ve already received about 6 campaigns from them. I love Social Native because new opportunities post each day. When a campaign shows up on your dashboard that you’re interested in you submit that you’re interested. If the brand thinks you’re a good fit for the campaign you’ll receive an invite to the campaign. These are decently priced and I’ve received between $30-50 per campaign so far.

Socialix – Socialix has campaigns for both blog and instagram channels. There are mostly beauty and lifestyle products listed here. I’ve had great luck with this network and it’s one of my favorites.

Full Bottle – This network pays you by likes that your instagram photo gets within a certain time period. You’re able to bid on the campaign and see the median amounts that others have bid. I’ve only had one campaign with Full Bottle but it was an awesome experience. They have great communication and paid quickly. This is an affiliate link so I’d love if you mentioned that you heard about the network from me (Brittany Colasuonno). 

HeartbeatI’ve recently started working with Heartbeat. They pay you a set rate based on your amount of followers. They are on the lower end of the spectrum, but they are a newer influencer network. Right now I get paid $15/post for roughly 8100 followers. I receive an email when I’m eligible for a campaign and I can select to participate or deny the campaign. I’ve completed a few campaigns for Heartbeat that went well. I have received some campaigns recently that only offered product discounts, instead of free product. I’m not a fan of this concept and I’m hoping they follow other influencer networks and choose to give free product in addition to payment.

Blog Meets Brand – I am currently working on my first campaign with this network and I am so excited about it! I received free product along with a great pay incentive. It’s a smaller network, but they have some really awesome campaigns. They send out an email when new opportunities arise. They offer specific social media and blog sponsorship opportunities.

Tomoson I’ve received sponsored blog and instagram posts through this network. They have a large variety of campaigns for different niches and interests.

Massive Sway So I was accepted by this network a few months ago and then completely forgot about it. Fail! I just rediscovered them and they have a great influx of new campaigns each week. I’m hoping to get an opportunity to work with them soon. They offer campaigns for specific social media networks or blog posts.


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