Goodbye Kodiak

We’ve spent the last three years on Kodiak Island due to my husband being stationed there with the Coast Guard. Honestly, I never really LOVED Kodiak. I cried when we first arrived on the ferry. But over the last three years, Kodiak has formed a special place in my heart.

I’ve desperately missed civilization, being close to my family and warm weather. It rained more often than it was sunny and airline tickets to the east coast normally cost around $1200/ticket and took about 24 hours. But with all that said, Kodiak was where we raised our baby girl, made lifelong friends and saw some of the most amazing views.

We climbed mountains, tested our limits and Madison learned to love hiking, fishing and running through tide pools (no matter the temperature). I think living in Alaska helped form her free spirit and gave her a few wild hairs.

Living in Kodiak was almost like living in our own small bubble. Matt and I had to fully rely only on each other because we had no one else. Kodiak has made us closer as a family. We had a lot of highs and lows while living there, especially with my fertility issues. Our strength as a couple helped us survive and come out on the other side.

Kodiak introduced me to the most amazing set of friends. Ones who cried, laughed and picked me up when I needed it most.

Now that our time in Kodiak is over, I’m ecstatic for new adventures, but I’m also sad to leave the amazing people we met behind.

We said goodbye to friends Thursday night, which was hard. Thankfully the Coast Guard is pretty small, so hopefully we will run into each other again soon.

This morning we began our journey with a NINE hour ferry from Kodiak to Homer. There’s no WiFi or cell service, so we spent a lot of time hanging out in our cabin or walking around the boat. While we were eating dinner we actually saw a whale breach! Even though I’ve seen this before and will get to again in Cape Cod, it’s just as awesome every time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to snap a pic this time.

Once we got to Homer it took about two hours to get off of the ferry. It was around 1030 by the time we got to our hotel, so we didn’t get to explore the town this time around.

Since I’m 30 weeks pregnant, we’re attempting to make this trip quicker this time around. Instead of 12 days, we’re making it in 8.

Tomorrow we will drive to Tok, Alaska. It’ll be our last night in Alaska before crossing the boarder to the Yukon.


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