At Home Yogurt Bar + 3 Recipe Combinations

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This easy-to-set-up yogurt bar using FAGE Total 0% Greek Yogurt is the perfect after-school, after-work or just afternoon snack!

At Home Yogurt Bar

A toddler, a health nut Mom and a tired post-work hangry Dad all walk into the kitchen….This isn’t the start of a bad joke, but it is the start of a typical afternoon in my families household. My husband always comes home from work hungry and my toddler never stops eating. Madison has been going through a major growth spurt, so I’m trying to encourage healthy foods as much as I can. I eat a pretty clean diet, but sometimes my husband needs a little more convincing to eat “healthy” foods.

at home yogurt bar + 3 recipe combinations

Finally, after a lot of trial and error, I’ve discovered a way that I can make ONE snack that the whole family will enjoy. The Ultimate Yogurt Bar with FAGE Total 0% satisfies my husbands hanger, fills up my ever-growing and demanding toddler and keeps this healthy-Mama feeling like she’s feeding her family the nutrients that they need to thrive.

At Home Yogurt Bar + 3 Recipe Combinations

Creating a yogurt bar does not have to be a daunting task. It can be much simpler than it sounds. Let’s be honest, as long as it tastes good, your family will be happy.

I always keep FAGE Total 0% Greek Yogurt in my refrigerator for our spontaneous yogurt bar snacking. FAGE Total 0% is an all-natural Greek strained yogurt that is Non-GMO Project Verified. This yogurt is gluten-free, additive and preservative free and contains no added sugar. Research shows that excess sugar can slow down cognitive function. Madison is a growing girl, who needs healthy nutrients to reach her full potential. As her Mom, I feel like it’s my responsibility to monitor what she eats, and in our case, make sure she isn’t consuming an excess of added sugars. FAGE Total 0% is also protein rich, an excellent source of calcium and made with only milk and live yogurt cultures. This yogurt is perfect for growing children while also being nutritious for adults!

At Home Yogurt Bar + 3 Recipe Combinations

It’s also fun to set out a variety of toppings. I like to set out various fruits like strawberries, blueberries or pineapple. Mix it up and make it fun! Our family loves berries, so I always make sure to include them. Some other fun toppings to include are nuts, seeds, honey and even peanut butter. Setting out a variety of toppings ensures that everyone is happy – but it’s also fun to watch your children try new combinations and learn about new flavors.

At Home Yogurt Bar + 3 Recipe Combinations

Everyone in our family has different tastes and different favorite yogurt combinations. We can all agree that FAGE Total 0% is a must-have for any yogurt bar. FAGE has a taste our whole family loves with the smooth and silky texture that you can only expect from FAGE. Even my toddler can’t get enough of FAGE! You can search where you can find FAGE Total 0% on the store locator.

At Home Yogurt Bar + 3 Recipe Combinations


Honey Clusters & Fruit

This is my daughters favorite combination. It’s simple, yet absolutely delicious. For this combination you top FAGE Total 0% with pineapple chunks, a handful of blueberries and raw walnuts. Then you drizzle raw honey on top. This recipe is perfect for someone who likes yogurt sweeter, without any added sugar.

At Home Yogurt Bar + 3 Recipe Combinations

Granola & Berries

This recipe is my go-to favorite. FAGE Total 0% is topped with a homemade Paleo Granola (no added sugar and mainly nuts/seeds), sliced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

At Home Yogurt Bar + 3 Recipe Combinations

Peanut Butter & Berry Crunch

My husband loves all the bursting flavors in this recipe. For this combination, FAGE Total 0% is topped with strawberries, blueberries, homemade Paleo granola, raw walnuts, cacao nibbs, and a dollop of all-natural peanut butter.



  1. Naomi | 12th Sep 18

    Oh yum! Wow, does this look good. I’m such a fan of yogurt. I love adding granola and fresh fruit. It’s just so delicious. And I love all the beautiful photos you took!


    • Brittany | 14th Sep 18

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. Lane Patten | 17th Sep 18

    We do this for brunch every couple of weeks! Quick and easy!

  3. Evelyn Hernandez | 17th Sep 18

    Great brunch idea! We love Fage, it is the only yogurt we buy.

  4. Cristina - Memories of the Pacific | 18th Sep 18

    I’m a huge fan of yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. It’s what I eat for dinner every day

  5. leah | 19th Sep 18

    These seem pretty easy for mornings with the kiddos!

  6. Lori Geurin | 24th Sep 18

    Fage yogurt is yummy. I love buying the plain kind and adding fruits and nuts like you have here. That way everyone gets a customized yogurt parfait. These look super yummy!

  7. Heather | 24th Sep 18

    This is such a fun idea. We love yogurt and adding different toppings makes it so much more interesting!

  8. Marysa | 24th Sep 18

    That is such a neat idea! It would be fun to host a breakfast or brunch and everyone can make their own yogurts. I love all the different toppings you had.

  9. Jennifer Maune | 24th Sep 18

    These all sound delicious, but the peanut butter + berry combo is calling my name right now!


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