How Military Families can Save Money While Growing Their Family

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own.

I remember the first time I saw that faded pink positive sign. I was pregnant. I’ve always been a planner and this baby was not planned. We had not been saving for a baby. How were we going to afford it? We were going to be transferring within the year and we knew my paycheck was going to be up-in-the-air.

How Military Families can Save Money While Growing Their Family

One of my close friends was a seasoned military spouse and Mom. She gave me the best advice to stop stressing over the pregnancy and enjoy it instead. She informed me there are tons of military benefits to help save money while growing your family.

how military families can save money while growing their family

Eligible for a No-Cost Breast Pump

1 Natural Way helps military mom’s and spouses obtain a breast pump at no cost through Tri-Care! This process is extremely easy. When I was pregnant with my daughter Madison, I used 1 Natural Way to obtain my breast pump and was blow away with how quick and easy this process was. There was a five-step process that took less than 5 minutes to complete. All you have to do is fill out an insurance information form, select your breast pump, enroll in 1 Natural Way’s monthly breastfeeding accessories program and provide your prescription for your breast pump or supply your doctors information. If you haven’t obtained a prescription from your doctor yet, no worries. 1 Natural Way will actually contact your doctor, your insurance company and obtain the prescription for you!

How Military Families can Save Money While Growing Their Family

1 Natural Way also carries popular breast pump brands like Medela, Spectra and Kiinde. All of the brands 1 Natural Way offers are covered by Tri-Care with no out-of-pocket cost to you. As a new Mama, you have SO many other costs and things to worry about. Luckily, thanks to 1 Natural Way – your breast pump won’t be one of them.

Birthing Classes

All military hospitals offer labor and delivery ward tours prior to birth. This gives soon-to-be parents the perfect opportunity to have any questions/concerns answered. All military hospitals and most bases offer free child birthing classes among others like “Daddy Boot Camp” (a class for soon-to-be Dads) and even classes for preparing new siblings. Some bases even offer a “Budget for Baby” class, which will help you financially prepare for your newest addition.

How Military Families can Save Money While Growing Their Family

Postpartum Support

After birth, new mom’s can meet with a lactation specialist for breastfeeding support. New Mom’s can also request a home nurses visit a week after birth to check babies weight, breastfeeding positions and answer any questions/concerns you may have. Both of these services are covered by Tri-Care and have no out of pocket cost to military families.

Gifts for Mom’s

Operation Baby Shower hosts baby showers for expecting mom’s on new military bases. Most military spouses are far away from family and sometimes traveling for a baby shower is not a viable option. That’s when Operation Baby Shower steps in with volunteers who bring the baby shower to you! Sometimes these baby showers are for individuals and sometimes military bases throw them for any and all expecting mom’s.

The Carrying On Project offers No-Cost baby carriers, wraps and slings to mom’s and dad’s during deployment. Deployment is already an extremely stressful time and this gives you one less thing to buy during deployment. Wearing your baby is also a bonding experience and it keeps you hands free. Meaning you can snuggle your little one while also getting more accomplished.

Support Our Soldiers has a team of “Stoke Specialist” who put together care packages for new mom’s consisting of diapers, wipes, bottles, bibs and clothes (up to 12 months). Military families who need the extra support for any reason can receive this care package.

Check In With Your Local Base

Each military base is a little different and offers various programs. Check into the base family relations department to see what your local military base offers new mom’s.

Raising a baby can be expensive. Thankfully, these programs and companies, like 1 Natural Way, help make things much easier on your pocketbook and give you peace of mind.



  1. Amber Battishill | 7th Aug 18

    I had no idea about all of these perks and programs for military families! I’ll pass this along to my friend who just moved to a new base and is expecting!

  2. Helen Little | 7th Aug 18

    I had no idea this extra support was available for military mums! It’s great that you’re making this information available. I will definitely pass it on.

  3. Stephanie | 7th Aug 18

    I am going to share this with my sister – they are a military family getting ready to have baby number 2

  4. Tayler Morrell | 7th Aug 18

    THank your husband for his service! I am a military brat myself.

  5. Katherine Betts | 7th Aug 18

    What a fab resource for expecting moms! I love the idea of Operation Baby Shower, what a sweet gesture.

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