How Tailwind Skyrocketed my Blog Traffic –

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This morning I slept in until 9, made breakfast for my daughter and husband and bummed it out on my couch while enjoying my coffee and watching my daughter play “house”. And while I was enjoying my rare family time (thanks Coast Guard), I was pinning, gaining repins, blog visitors and new followers on Pinterest.

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But HOW was I doing this without physically being on pinterest?

Tailwind, my friend, Tailwind.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Tailwind is a way to schedule and pin on autopilot. It takes away all the hard work from you while still gaining you repins, followers and blog views. As I’ve explained in The Recipe For A Viral Pin, Pinterest brings me the majority of my blog traffic. Tailwind is the main reason why!

So How Does Tailwind Work?

You can customize Tailwind to post to the most popular times on Pinterest. Therefore I’m technically pinning to Pinterest while I sleep. Since I live in Alaska and am 4 hours behind the east coast, this is key! Who wants to be up at 4am pinning manually on the weekends? Not this Mama.


This is definitely one of my favorite parts of Tailwind. I’m able to see exactly how many followers I’m gaining, how many repins I’m receiving in addition the specific analytics of each Pinterest Board. As you can see, I’ve been gaining a steady growth of followers. I love being able to check out the analytic insights on each of my pins to see what is doing well and what isn’t.


Board Lists

One complaint I’ve heard before is that it takes too long to schedule your pins, especially when you’re a member of 100-million group boards like myself. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO!!!!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

I spend maybe 30 minutes a week scheduling my pins. You can create board lists to pin to and BOOM, you only have to click the board list name when setting up your pins. This saves me SO much time, especially when I am able to select multiple board lists.

When I join more group boards, I’m able to go in and refresh my list in order to pin to all of my updated boards.

Anything that helps me save time, while getting the word out about my blog – I’m a huge fan of.

Shuffle Queue

I have a lot of pins scheduled each day. So when I add a blog post, I want that the pin to get into my queue as quickly as possible. Whenever I add a new pin, I shuffle my queue until I see at least one of those pins in the current day.

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes is an awesome way to receive repins. Each tribe that you’re a member of has different repin rules. For the majority of the ones I’m a member of for each pin I add, they require me to rein at least one from the tribe. The tribe I screenshot above I have been a member of for maybe two months. It’s a parenting tribe, so not all of my pins go here. But as you can see I’ve received 82 reshares (meaning they reshare via Tailwind) and 12 were repined manually on pinterest. From this ONE tribe my pins have been able to reach an addition 515.9K!!! Tailwind Tribes is free to use for anyone, even if you don’t have Tailwind. However, there are some changes coming to Tribes. Right now you have to still be invited to these tribes but soon you will be able to search for Tribes to join.

So what are you waiting for!? Join Tailwind Today and start for free by clicking on the graphic below!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


  1. John | 18th Oct 17

    Thanks Brittany, I learned something today from your article. I will give it a look and try it out. Great explanation.

  2. Ajay chander | 18th Oct 17

    Nice information and it is very helpful for a start up blogger like mine.. thank you

  3. Sally | 25th Oct 17

    And now I must master Tailwind and Pinterest advertising! I am climbing the Blog Ladder slowly but surely, going on week 3 of having my blog up and running and learning something new every single day! There is a steep learning curve!

    • Brittany | 26th Oct 17

      There is a steep learning curve but you can do it!!

  4. Milly | 25th Oct 17

    Maybe i should start using this!! It sounds very helpful 🙂

    • Brittany | 26th Oct 17

      It was such a game changer for me! If you use my link, you’ll receive a free month! 🙂

  5. Scarletpiper | 26th Oct 17

    I just got tailwind too … Still figuring it out but Saturday is tailwind day! Thanks for the awesome post

  6. Anastasia | 26th Oct 17

    there’s a lot to take on but the outcomes far out way the negatives really useful thank you

  7. Tara | 26th Oct 17

    i’ve been curious to try it, sounds like a winning strategy!

  8. Bethany | Mana Finds Her Way | 28th Oct 17

    Great information! I am currently trying to figure Pinterest out and have been interested in Tailwind, but haven’t had the time or patience to try and learn it yet. This definitely helped

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