Kidloland App + Review

**Disclosure: I did receive free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Today I’ve partnered with the amazing KidloLand!

KidloLand is an app for your apple or android device that contains games, nursery rhymes, songs and other learning tools for kids 0-5 years old. There is even a section of stories that read outloud to your child. I am in LOVE with this app! My only disappointment is not finding it sooner. This would have really saved us from a lot of tears during our move to Alaska.

As a parent, I strongly encourage early learning. I love finding new educational toys for my daughter, Madison. However, I’ve struggled to find an app that is educational AND captures my daughter’s attention for more than 30 seconds. This is why I am so excited to have discovered this amazing app!

KidloLand has a bright screen that is visually appealing to your little ones. The bright colors and fun sounds grasp their attention while the endless possibilities within this app keeps their attention. Kids can learn their numbers, ABCs, shapes and more. There is even over 800+ nursery rhymes!

Madison absolutely loves anything with music. She loved the Animal Piano game, which had an electronic keyboard that had would sprout up different animals at her touch. If she tapped on the animals as they were jumping off the keys, they would make their specific animal noises! Madison loved this! She giggled her way through playing “Animal Piano”.

Madison also LOVED the nursery rhyme section. There are over 800 nursery rhymes that are accompanied with graphics. Madison was dancing her way through listening to a few of the nursery rhymes. One of my favorite things about this section was that you can create a playlist.

KidloLand even incorporates upcoming holidays into games and songs within the app. This keeps their content fresh while also using holidays as a learning tool for your kids.

With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be traveling. This app will be the perfect entertainment for your child. I cannot stress enough just how amazing this app is! While DVDs and toys may grasp your child’s attention for a little while, it may not keep their attention for long. Why not give them something that will not only keep their attention but teach them something as well?

Even Riley loved KidloLand!

Trust me when I say this is a win for both you and your child.

Do you have an apple or android device? Download the app here for yourself! Or check out their website at

Download iOS HERE

Download Google Play Store HERE

Download Amazon Appstore HERE

Once you download the app, let me know what your little one’s favorite activity is! I just know they’ll love it as much as Madison.


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