The Must Have Diaper Changing Items that Every New Mom Needs

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Balmex Diaper Rash Cream for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.


As a new Mom, diaper changes can be somewhat stressful. And there are a LOT of them. When we first brought Madison home from the hospital we quickly discovered she had extremely sensitive skin, which was only made worse by the massive blowouts that are common with infants. As a new Mom, diaper changes are such a big part of your day, but they’re often overlooked when it comes to the baby registry.

The Must Have Diaper Changing Items that Every New Mom Needs

I learned so much through trial and error with my first baby. Now that I’m pregnant with baby number two, I’m using that knowledge to make sure I’m as prepared as I can be, especially when it comes to diaper changes and keeping my baby’s skin happy.

Changing Pad

This helps make changing your baby 100000 times easier. It’s a comfy space for baby and helps you keep them in place while dealing with diaper changes.

The Must Have Diaper Changing Items that Every New Mom Needs

Balmex Complete Diaper Rash Cream

Like I said before, our daughter has had extremely sensitive skin from day one. We tried other creams that either made her rash worse, or didn’t help all of her problems. For baby boy, we’re already stocking up on Balmex Complete Diaper Rash Cream. Unlike some other diaper rash creams, Balmex fights the 3 leading causes of diaper rash – wetness, chaffing and digestive enzymes.

The Must Have Diaper Changing Items that Every New Mom Needs

Balmex contains zinc oxide, which is the #1 doctor recommended ingredient for healing and preventing diaper rash, plus a natural ingredient shown to help neutralize digestive enzymes that can irritate the skin and cause diaper rash. This extra step is part of the reason why Balmex is clinically proven to reduce diaper rash in just ONE diaper change!

The Must Have Diaper Changing Items that Every New Mom Needs

A diaper rash can cause an extremely unhappy and uncomfortable baby, using will help turn those baby cries into baby giggles in no time.

Diaper Wipes

Like most parents, we used a leading brand for our first child. Some of these brands are full of chemicals, which can burn and make diaper rash even worse. Due to my daughters sensitive skin we ended up trying several brands before finding one that works. I’d suggest registering for a “clean” diaper wipe that is made with water and little to no chemicals. These, in combination with Balmex, were a game changer for my daughter! This is the only kind of diaper wipe we’ll be purchasing for our baby boy.

Register for Different Types of Diapers

No brand is created the exact same. We quickly discovered that one of the leading brands actually gave our daughter a chemical burn rash. But some brands that bothered other babies did not bother ours. For baby boy we’re going to try different brands to see which brand keeps his skin happy and healthy.

Diaper Caddy

Having a place to keep diapers, Balmex and wipes and in close range is a game changer. I only had one for my daughter, but I’d suggest registering for 2 or more. For baby boy I’m going to keep one in his bedroom, our living room and our downstairs play area. You never know when a dirty diaper will strike, so it’s always important to have diaper supplies in close range.

Toy for Baby

Diaper changes aren’t always full of baby coo’s and smiles. My daughter despised having her diaper change. Most of the time I was rushing to get it over as quickly as possible because she was crying the whole time. We discovered way too late that having a toy or something to distract baby (even if it’s just another friendly face!) can make a huge difference. We’re going to keep a baby toy in our diaper caddy’s for a quick distraction and hopefully happier diaper changes.

I learned so much from my first baby that is helping me feel a little bit more prepared for baby number two. I’m still excited and nervous – but these tips have helped me feel a little more at ease. 


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