Must Have Baby Items for 0-3 Months

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This list of baby items is a continuation of my post on Must Have Items for Newborns. While the items listed in that post are still must haves during this stage as well, there are a few more items that I would recommend having as your baby continues to develop. These are items I’ve personally used.

1.Spiral Activity Toy – Around 2-3 months babies start to show interest in hanging toys and will reach towards them. This is great for development and allowing them to discover the world around them. Madison loved her hanging toys and it was something that kept her distracted for a little bit. We put these on her car seat and it would keep her busy while we were shopping around or out to eat.

2. Skip Hop Nightlight Soother and White Noise Machine – I STILL use this! This is the machine we have for Madison and during sleep regressions this was a game changer. The familiar nursery rhymes helped put Madison to sleep. It also has a nightlight and an option to display stars on the ceiling. Even when Madison wakes up at night now, I’ll turn this machine on and she’ll fall back asleep

3. Bumbo Seat – This can double as a portable mini-high chair when traveling. The bumbo is also great for helping build core ab muscles in your little one.

4. Boppy – The boppy can be used to support breastfeeding, tummy time or sitting. The various ways you can use a boppy grow as your baby does. The boppy is amazing support when trying to nurse. Madison hated tummy time so using the boppy as support helped us give Madison time on her stomach without her screaming/crying the entire time.

5. Infantino Floor Activity Mirror – Like I said before, Madison HATED tummy time. I think she cried every single time we placed her on her stomach for the first two months of her life. But my little mini me was obsessed with looking at herself in the mirror. Even if she was crying, once she saw herself she’d perk up.

6. Sophia the Giraffe – I can’t say enough good things about this teether. While it is a little pricey compared to others, it REALLY works. The plastic teething rings never worked for Madison, but she loves this teether!

7. Taggies Patchkin Blankies Lion – This lovey is covered in taggies which really helps distract your baby. Madison loves rubbing the taggies and it bring her comfort. This easily became her favorite lovey and is “that toy” that she has to have in her carseat or while she’s napping. 

8. Ergo Baby Carrier – Going anywhere alone with your baby is HARD. Going anywhere with your baby and needing to use your hands is even harder. That’s where the Ergo Baby Carrier saves the day! Depending on your baby’s head stability, you can wear your baby facing front, back or side. This is very comfortable compared to other baby carriers and can support more weight than most (up to 45 lbs).

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9. Summer Infant Video Monitor with Wifi – This is the monitor we bought and I LOVE it. The first few months we kept Madison in the bassinet but once we transitioned her to her crib this monitor gave me peace of mind. The monitor displays in color but also has night vision capabilities. The room temperature is also displayed. My favorite thing about this monitor is that it comes with a video monitor but you can also download an app where you can monitor your baby as well! My husband is Active Duty Coast Guard and would have overnight duty every few days. He really loved this option because he could check in on Madison even when he wasn’t at home. The monitor is also expandable to monitor multiple rooms, you would need to buy additional cameras though. 

10. 4Moms MamaRoo – Madison developed really bad acid reflux, so sometimes laying her in her swing would cause her pain. The MamaRoo has 5 different motions and is built to move like a mother’s arms. It is also bluetooth enabled which is awesome! My favorite part of the MamaRoo was that it kept Madison elevated, which was clutch for her acid reflux. As Madison got older she also wanted to be sitting up so she could see what all was going on around her (she’s sooooo nosey!). The MamaRoo was definitely a lifesaver, and still is.

What items were must-have’s for you during the 0-3 month old stage?


  1. Sarah Belanger | 21st Jun 16

    Great list! Many of these were vital for my son at that age. The only thing I would add (at least in our personal experience) was the WubbaNub pacifier that has an animal attached. The pacifier helped with my son’s acid reflux and need to keep sucking for comfort and the animal provided enough weight to feel like he was being touched/held even during those times I couldn’t (and gave something for his tiny hands to grab). 🙂

    • Brittany | 21st Jun 16

      I’ve never used that before! My daughter has horrible acid reflux so I may need to try that! 🙂

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