Must Have Items for Newborns

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  1. Rock-N-Play

This was AWESOME. Madison is six months old now and we are still able to use this some. This was essential to our daily functions the first three months of her life. Madison hated her bassinet at first and had really bad acid reflux. The Rock-N-Play kept her elevated which helped ease her reflux and she was able to sleep comfortably. This is small enough to keep folded up in your living room to set down your baby when Mommy needs a hands-free moment. 


  1. Fisher-Price Cradle N Swing

When you have a newborn, a good swing is a must have! Madison absolutely loved her swing. After we placed her in her swing she would sometimes sleep for 2-3 hours, which helped mommy and daddy get things done around the house or sneak in a nap also! The Fisher-Price Cradle N Swing w/AC Adapter was nice because it could swing in different directions and also had 3 different seat positions to suit your baby’s needs. There are 10 different songs as well as nature sounds to go with the rotating mobile. If you choose a swing make sure to get one with an AC Adapter. We have this exact swing, but we got the battery operated swing instead of the AC Adapter. BIG MISTAKE. When Madison was a newborn we were going through a pack of batteries every week because she used it so much. 


  1. 4MOMs Infant Tub

This tub is perfect for a growing baby. It has a temperature gauge on it to monitor the temperature of the water. If the water goes above 100 degrees the tub will beep to remind you that the water needs to be cooler (between 90-100 degrees). 

4. SwaddleMe Swaddles

These swaddles are velcro and were so clutch when Madison was a nerborn. They kept her tight and snug, so she got the best sleep possible. This was the only type of swaddle Madison was not able to break out of!

  1. Aden and Anais Swaddles

Although these are swaddles, I used them as blankets. They are very thin and breathable blankets so your baby will be comfortable on the warm summer days


  1. Gripe Water

Gripe water is a natural organic gas remedy. When our daughter would get the hiccups we would give her a dose and they would immediately go away. It was like a miracle juice for a hurting tummy! Side note – we even gave this to my husband when he got the hiccups one night and it took his hiccups away!

7. Pack N Play

For those times when you travel this is a MUST HAVE. Our has a changing table on it as well that was really nice. Since Madison’s nursery was upstairs, we kept the pack N Play downstairs in order to have a changing table readily available. These are nice to have as well when you stay away from home or for nap time.

  1. Travel System Stroller

This was really nice for those times when we went from car to store. It’s not good to have your baby in a stroller before they have proper head control, but if you have a travel system stroller you can connect the car seat on top of the stoller. We had the Britax B-Agile and LOVED it. It drove very smoothly and had amazing safety ratings. It is a bit pricier but your baby will grow with the stroller and I can promise you will love it.

  1. Moby Wrap

This was awesome because it allowed Madison to be close to me while allowing me to have free-hands. I would use this almost daily to get things done around the house. There are several different ways you could “wear” this wrap to keep your baby snug inside.


  1. Baby Gym

I loved our gym because it helped Madison develop interest in the toys hanging down but it also gave us a great place to work on tummy time. Madison HATED tummy time so having hanging toys to distract her helped us have tummy time not completely filled with crying,


  1. Halo Bassinest

I absolutely LOVED this bassinet. The height is adjustable and you are able to actually swivel the bassinet next to the bed. This makes night feedings much easier during the first few months. Since you’re able to swivel the bassinet up to the bed, it makes it almost like a co-sleeper, but the baby is in it’s own little space. There is also a night light, music and a vibrating option. This was a lifesaver for us!

What were your favorite newborn items?



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