October Goals

September was a busy month for our family! Matt’s parent’s visited us at the beginning of the month and it was an amazing visit! While we love our new home, we definitely do miss being so far away from our family. Having them visit really reminds us of how much we miss our family.

Matt has been busy with work and I’ve been busy getting Madison and I involved in various activities. The most common advice I’ve heard in regards to Kodiak was to keep busy in the winters. Since it’s almost officially our rainy season, I’ve tried to get involved in order to keep both Madison and I busy. I’m currently going to training or classes at the gym 3 or 4 times a week, but we also attend a toddler reading time at the library and Madison has started music class! It’s so amazing seeing her learn and enjoy these activities. Seeing Madison have so much fun just gives me so much joy! Which makes it all worth the while.

Each month I like to start off with reflecting on my goals from the past month and thinking about new goals that I’d like to achieve for the new month. For the past few months, I’ve had fitness goals for each new month. Once we arrived in Kodiak I knew I needed to not only be involved but I needed to make my own changes in my life. I never LOVED working out, but I wasn’t happy with my post-baby body and knew I needed to make a change. Part of me honestly thought that things weren’t going to change and that was going to be my new “mom-bod”. Luckily I got hooked up with an amazing trainer and an awesome gym who have whooped my booty back into shape. I’ve fallen in love with working out, for honestly the first time ever, and it’s finally something I truly enjoy. Working out has shown me changes mentally just as much as it has physically.

With that being said, I’ve found it easier this month to stick with and achieve my goals. I’m striving to continue to stick with my new routine and crush my goals again this month.

  1. Eat Clean 6 Days a Week – You guys I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth. I seriously want ice cream every.single.night. It’s almost as bad as when I was pregnant – except for the fact that I’m NOT pregnant this time. My body feels so much better when I eat clean, so this is something I really need to concentrate on and work towards. I’ve been able to eat clean for the most part, I just ALWAYS get an ice cream craving after I put Madison to bed! I need to find a much healthier snack to fulfill these cravings. Of course, there’s always room for a cheat day! It’s all about balance. 🙂

  1. Continue to grow my yoga practice – I have really fallen in love with yoga! Before moving to Kodiak, I always viewed yoga as an “easy” workout…and it’s really not at all! I’ve been taking a few classes that have taught me the art of balance and breathing all while pushing my strength and allowing me to better moves or even try new ones. I’ve noticed such a difference in my body from my yoga practice as well as my mentality. Yoga has taught me to learn to let things go, which is important in all aspects of our lives.

  1. Go on at least one hike a week – I’m trying to take advantage of the decent weather days we have left! The past few weeks I’ve started hiking either solo or with friends and have loved it. There are so many awesome walking/running trails in Kodiak that have the most amazing views! It’s so good to get Riley, Madison and myself out of the house and explore our little island. This has been really great for Riley and myself because we both need the exercise. I’ve noticed the biggest difference in Riley because she’s able to be apart of our fun activities and isn’t just left at home anymore. She is still my wild, adventurous girl but when she’s able to run that energy out she’s a lot less destructive and attention seeking at home.

  1. Do More For Others – My family has been immensely blessed. I have a husband who works so hard every day in order to support our family, while continuing to give me everything I want. He’s really the best. However, when we receive good fortune we need to show it to others as well. I want to find some other way to pass on the good and to help out. Whether that be by volunteering or by doing small acts of kindness, I really want to make it a point to show more good to others. I feel like we hear so much negative in the media and there is so much that goes on in the world in general, so I really want to try to fill my life (and others!) with more good.

What are your goals for the new month? I hope everyone is ready for an amazing month!


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