Outer Banks Mini Vacation

Since we had to be out of our house by Wednesday, Matt and I decided to spend two nights at the Outer Banks before shacking up with my parents until we officially leave.

I absolutely LOVE the Outer Banks. It’s one of my favorite places to be. No matter what stress or drama is going on in my life, the Outer Banks always has a way of calming me and making me relax. It’s somewhere I’ve always gone when I needed to clear  my head and has always been my happy place. I love that I get to share this place with my family and create our own memories together.

After leaving our house for the last time on Wednesday, we headed down to the beach with Madison and Riley. I was kind of nervous to see how this trip would go because I wasn’t sure how Madison would react to the beach/water. About two weeks ago we took her to the pool at the clubhouse in our subdivision and she HATED the water. Madison screamed until we finally just took her back home. I was nervous and thought that’s how she would react again.

Luckily we woke up to gorgeous weather on Thursday! We decided to try the pool out again before going to the beach.We eased Madison into the water slowly and this time she LOVED it!! She loved splashing her feet and arms in the water and seeing the bubbles it would make. She giggled the entire time we were in the pool. The best feeling in the world is seeing your baby SO happy!


Once we headed back to the room we put Madison down for a little nap before heading to the beach. Her “little nap” ended up lasting about an hour and a half so we decided to just go for a walk on the beach. Matt put Madison in the baby wearer for the walk. She loves being worn, especially now that she’s older. He wears her so that she’s facing forward and can see more of what’s going on around her. She enjoyed watching the seagulls fly. She was giggling most of our walk.


When we went back to the hotel we put Madison down for another nap in hopes that she’d be in a good mood for dinner. I always get nervous about bringing her out for dinner since she usually goes to bed around 630-7PM. I’m thinking the beach vibes and our happy moods were contagious to her because she was a very well behaved and happy baby through dinner.

After dinner, we decided to take Madison and Riley down to the beach again. Dogs can only be on the beach after 6PM, so we were anxious to let Riley explore the beach some. This time me and Madison played in the sand and watched Riley run through the waves (while trying to tackle Matt LOL).


What I thought was going to be a stressful mini vacation actually ended up being just what it was supposed to be, relaxing. We ended up having so much fun as a family. The best part about our beach trip was seeing how happy Madison was and how much fun she seemed to have. I’m so excited to see how much fun she’ll have when we visit next summer!



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