Our Personal Feeding Story: Why We Chose Organic Formula

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Before giving birth to our daughter, I had planned to give birth naturally and breastfeed. I was naive and actually believed things would go entirely to my plan. Unbeknownst to me, nothing would go to plan.

After going into labor my doctor unexpectedly discovered that we had a breech baby, which led to an emergency c-section. Before I could even fully realize what was happening I was being rolled into the operating room.

After part one of my birth plan did not work out I was determined to try to breastfeed. I longed for the bond of being able to breastfeed my daughter. A few years prior I had a lumpectomy which we knew could have possibly damaged my milk ducts but we wouldn’t really know until I tried to breastfeed. While I was able to produce colostrum just fine, my milk never fully came in.

I basically only had milk in one breast and very little, if any, in one. I tried lactation cookies and smoothies, pumping or feeding every 2 hours, met with the lactation consultant and looking up any piece of information I possibly could on how to increase my supply. But nothing worked.

At Madison’s one week appointment she was still not back to her pre-birth weight. At her one month appointment she was only 7 lbs, while being born at 6lbs, 15 oz. I was starving my baby. I was heartbroken and took my doctor’s advice to switch to formula.

Our switch to formula came with its own issues. Like most babies, Madison had acid reflux. However hers was so severe she was spitting up most of what she consumed. At four-months old Madison was only 10 pounds and it the bottom third percentile for her age. After multiple doctors appointments we were finally given a prescription for Zantac and recommended to switch to a rice-fortified Acid Reflux formula. In the first month Madison gained four pounds! She was finally growing and flourishing like we knew she could. We were so happy, but yet she was still spitting up constantly and still crying after almost every feeding. I tried various formulas and nothing seemed to ease her pain.

I want to ensure that Madison has the best and healthiest options. After reading an article where someone suggest using organic formula to ease acid reflux systems, I decided to try it.

FINALLY, Madison was able to keep her bottle feedings down every.single.time. But how do I know she didn’t just outgrow her acid reflux? At first I thought this too until I ran out of her organic formula. I decided to use her previous formula to get me by while in a bind but she went right back to spitting up after her first bottle. Organic formula seems to be easier for my daughter to digest and we’ve stuck with it ever since.

Are you interested in trying out organic formula for your little one? Let me tell you about Plum Organics® Grow Well® Infant Formula! In addition to being the nation’s #1 organic baby food brand, it is the only formula on the market certified by Oregon Tilth. An Oregon Tilth certification means that Plum Organics formula meets USDA’s high standards for organic foods. To be considered as certified organic it means no genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) can be included.

Why Buy Plum Organics?

Plum Organics just seems to get it. They’re a team of parents who know that life and parenting does not always go as we planned it. Whether you’re supplementing with formula or exclusively formula feeding, the team at Plum Organics’ goal was to design an organic formula they can feel good about feeding their own babies and yours.

While some formulas use a combination of lactose and corn-derived sugars like corn syrup solids, glucose syrup solids and/or maltodextrin, no corn syrup solids are added to Plum Organics. Lactose is the most abundant carbohydrate found in breastmilk but Plum Organics is an organic cow’s milk lactose. All babies need carbohydrates for energy, and lactose is the most abundant carbohydrate found in breast milk. [1] In fact, carbohydrates make up 40-45% of baby’s energy, and this is especially important for their rapidly growing brains. [2], [3].

Where Can You Buy Plum Organics?

Plum Organics Grow Well formula can be found on the baby aisle in the formula section at your local Safeway and/or Albertson’s store. I even have a coupon for you! Make sure to click on the coupon below to print your own $5 off coupon when you purchase 1 Plum Organics Grow Well Infant Formula.

You will need to sign into your Safeway/Albertson’s account to print this coupon. If you don’t have an account, create one! Registering only takes a quick second and will save you money.

While switching to an organic formula was the best decision for my daughter, if you’re considering organic formula for your little one please speak with your medical provider. Organic formula has helped my daughter flourish and grow while giving this Mama a peace of mind.

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    Our stories are very similar. Glad that you both are happy and healthy!

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      Thank you! 🙂

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