Piperoos Baby Changing Pad Review

***I received free product for my honest review. All opinions are my own.***

Lately I have been lucky enough to try out some AMAZING products. Piperoos Changing Pads definitely did not disappoint!

Piperoos Changing Pads are one of the most versatile products that I’ve used/bought/tried for Madison. The one thing I hate is bringing in what feels like a million different cloths/baby items when Madison and I venture out. Piperoos can be used as a changing pad, receiving blanket, burp cloth and even be great as a tummy time blanket for the little ones. This makes my life SO much easier!


On Thursday’s Madison and I have such a busy morning. Madison has music class and then we go to the gym for my personal training sessions right after. Normally I pack a small blanket, burp cloths and a bulky changing pad. Today’s trip was so refreshing since I was able to throw two Piperoos in my bag and call it a day!



Piperoos are made of 100% organic cotton. They’re super soft and your baby will love laying on them! Madison sure did. I love the idea of being able to use these in a public restroom bathroom in place of those cold, bulky, plastic changing pads that Madison HATES so much. You guys have no idea how many times I’ve been THAT parent in the bathroom with a screaming baby. Madison loved her Piperoos and I even caught her rubbing the cloth against her face feeling how soft it is.


Not only is the product amazing, but Piperoos packaging is made of recycled cardboard and printing is done with low impact, soy-based ink. I love using a product that is good for Madison, as well as the environment. Also, the package presentation is beautiful! I was really surprised when I received these! Piperoos also comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and patterns. I just love using something that has such a great purpose, is helpful and is stylish. How can a Mama go wrong with something that not only serves a great purpose but makes her life easier too??

Check out Piperoos website here!



  1. Cascia Talbert | 17th Oct 16

    That looks like a great product for babies. Your little one is adorable! Have a great week.

    • Brittany | 17th Oct 16

      Thanks, Cascia! I officially love Piperoos!

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