Recap: Beach Trips, Terrible Two’s & Packing a Carryon for a Long Trip

Although I complain C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y about living in Alaska but I can say that when the it’s actually sunny it is gorgeous here. Madison, myself and the dogs love to take advantage of a sunny day by heading to the beach. As soon as I mention it all three of them perk up! The dogs love swimming while Madison loves playing in the sand and walking into the water. She’s become quite the daredevil. I have to really watch her because she’d probably run out and try to swim if I let her.

Even when the weather hasn’t been warm enough to wear a bathing suit to the beach, we still love driving down for a fun day. You can even check out my post on our Toddler Beach Essentials!

On Monday, Madison and I are packing up and heading east. I’m so excited to bring her back to North Carolina to see family and to experience an actual warm weathered beach. I can wait for my family to see how much she’s grown and to get to know her adventurous spirit.

For the most part Madison is such a great toddler. But lately she’s started throwing tantrums and the terrible two’s have started coming out. If I’m being honest, which I am, she’s started throwing tantrums when she gets tired and they are awful. We have a 24-hour flight to Raleigh, NC on Monday and I am beyond nervous about how this is going to go. I’m hoping and praying there will be no tantrums mid-flight

I’ve started packing for our flight for 5-weeks on the east coast. Did you catch where I mentioned that I have a 24-hour flight? I’ve blogged before about what my toddler needs during a flight. But after surviving a few cross-country flights with an active toddler, I feel like I’ve learned about what a Mom needs for HERSELF (not her babies) during a flight.

Comfortable Clothes – Leggings, Toms and a comfy shirt are my go-to. Especially when flying from Kodiak to the east coast normally means I end up sleeping for a few hours in plastic, uncomfortable chairs.

An extra top & leggings/shorts – Because sometimes “crap” happens on the plane. Whether this be in the literal sense from your child or from spilling something all over yourself while juggling a child, your lunch and two bags while chasing down your next flight.

Antibacterial Wipes – I don’t think I need to get into how planes are normally big boxes full of germs. Since I always have my daughter with me I like I wipe down my seat and surrounding area when I get on the plane. My daughter, Madison, is currently teething. So if I don’t, then she’s going to attempt to stick something in her mouth and the last thing I want during vacation is for her to get sick. So I like to avoid this if I can.

Bottle of Water – Staying hydrated is a priority of mine, especially when 32K feet in the air.

Snacks – My husband always says I have an abnormal need for snacking. During layovers I try to grab a protein bar and fruit or a salad to satisfy any cravings I have. Food inflight isn’t always the best and you can normally find healthier options during your layovers.

A tote purse – Before I had my daughter and I needed WAY less to travel, I liked to just carry a large purse with all my plane “must haves” in it. I like to travel light with only my necessities (at least on my carry-on, let’s not discuss my suitcase).

iPad – Downloaded with my favorite new music, a great book or a new movie you’re dying to see. This can help make the flights go by soooo much faster.


  1. Theresa | 20th Sep 17

    Such a cute child you have, and very wise tips for sure!

    • Brittany | 20th Sep 17

      Thank You! 🙂

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