Recap: Travels, North Carolina and Beating the Heat with Lark Adventure Wear!

***Disclosure – This post is sponsored by Lark Adventure Wear. All thoughts & opinions are my own!***

After three LONG flights, we are finally in North Carolina!

I was so nervous about flying with Madison. I had just flown with her in May, but she has become so much more independent in the past two months. We were also just starting to get potty training down, soooo I was nervous there would be a severe meltdown on the plane over not being able to go “pee” on her potty. LOL!

Even though we had a whooping 24 hour flight, Madison did pretty well! We were lucky enough to meet some pretty incredible people during our flights that really tried to help us out. One gentleman even went and talked to the airport staff to see if there was any child amenities because he’d heard how long my flight was. Did you know that some airports have nursery/play areas? I’d seriously never even thought about this being an option! After the gentleman tracked me down in the middle of the airport, he told me about a nursery in the Anchorage Airport! There wasn’t much for Madison to play with in there, but it was a nice area to get away too. We were able to escape the airport hustle, relax on comfy chairs and had a private bathroom area. No one else was in there so Madison was able to run around and get some of her energy out before a 3.5 hour flight to Seattle.

After boarding our flight to Seattle the pilot announced that the plane next to us was a special edition Alaska Airlines plane. It had an American Flag painted along the side. He informed us that in addition to being used for typical flights, it is also used to transport soldiers that have passed away while serving our country – which was the case that night. It’s always sobering when you realize that someone has passed away fighting our freedom. There are several things I love about Alaska Airlines, but this made my heart smile!

On our flight to Seattle something REALLY cool happened. I somehow ended up sitting in the middle of a group from China. They were all speaking Chinese and had Chinese passports in hand. The middle seat was empty, but a lady was sitting on aisle seat. Madison kept dropping her toys into the seat and the lady kept smiling and showing her attention. She didn’t really speak much because I’m assuming she didn’t know much english. After a few minutes of playing with Madison she tapped the middle seat, pointed at Madison and then pointed at the seat again like she wanted Madison to sit there and then pointed at herself. I asked, “Is the seat yours?” and she says “baby” and then pointed at the seat again. So I set Madison in the seat and the woman just brightened up! Madison had an Elmo flip book and for maybe 20 minutes they went through this book together. Madison would open the flips and the woman would repeat what the item was in Chinese. Madison would just smile at her or laugh and the woman would laugh back. Even though there was a communication barrier, it was heartwarming to watch them still enjoy each others company and communicate. When the flight was over the woman typed into a translator on her iPhone and handed it to me. It said, “You’re a good Mother. Your Baby is beautiful inside and out.” I teared up just reading it! This woman and Madison taught me that communication barriers can be broken down with kindness and love. It was the sweetest thing and the best lesson I could have learned on that flight.

After arriving in Seattle, Madison was FULL of energy. After grabbing a 3AM breakfast, we found a playroom where she was able to play for a few hours before a long 5 hour flight to Raleigh. I think this flight seemed even longer because I was SO anxious to see my parents! I had not seen them since November! I met my husband when he was stationed in my hometown, so before moving I rarely went a week without seeing my parents. Madison has grown from a baby to a toddler since they last saw her too. Luckily, thanks to facetime she recognized them right away!

The obvious biggest different in Alaska and North Carolina is NC summers are H.O.T. The humidity combined with the hot temperatures are something we don’t normally experience in Kodiak. Thankfully, I’d decided to team up with Lark Adventure Wear before heading to the east coast. Lark Adventure Wear makes breathable moisture-wicking baby clothes. This is a MUST-HAVE for humid summer nights. Even after two hours of running outside, Madison’s clothes felt dry. A dry toddler = a happy toddler! Lark Adventure Wear is definitely going to continue to be something that’s on our “summer must-have” list!

It’s been so amazing to be home. Madison has a huge yard she’s able to run around and lots of sunshine! It rains pretty often in Kodiak, so having beautiful weather has been amazing. Madison has such a big heart for doggies, and has loved playing ball with my mom and brothers dog. My mom is babysitting my brothers weimaraner while he’s in training this week. It’s been pretty awesome watching them interact and play together. Madison loves to throw the ball to my labs at home, and the dogs here have caught onto that pretty well too!

So far our trip has been amazing. My brother’s are both flying in this weekend and I am so excited for us all to spend some more time together! Here’s to hoping this weekend is full of sunshine so we can take advantage of the river! This Alaska girl needs a tan! 🙂

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