It’s been amazing living in such a beautiful place. Living in Kodiak has definitely been a culture change for us. Matt and I weren’t really outdoorsy people before moving to Kodiak. A day outdoors for us was a day on the boat or at a ballgame. But life is funny sometimes and we are accustoming to Kodiak. We have learned that if you want things to do in Kodiak, you have to go outside and find them yourself.

There are so many different types of beaches, fishing spots and hiking trails here. We’re slowly checking out the various spots around the island. Today we checked out Buskin Beach. This is supposedly a prime fishing spot for salmon. I absolutely LOVE salmon, so I’m excited for Matt to start fishing so we can stock up our freezer.


We brought Riley along for the trip. She absolutely loves being able to run around the beach and into the water. Buskin Beach was really neat because it’s right at the mouth of a river that streams into the bay. There were tons of people fishing down there but we’ve trained Riley to stay close to us. We walked to a deserted section of the beach and let Riley run and swim.


The beaches here are all rock, which is much different than those in North Carolina. They’re beautiful though! Madison loves being able to watch Riley swim. She laughs and squeals the entire time Riley swims. We love seeing her so happy and having so much fun.


After we left Buskin Beach, we decided to check out another fishing spot. Matt’s parents will be visiting in a few weeks and Matt wanted to have a few spots scoped out to take his Dad. The next spot we stopped at was really secluded but not from fish. There were several jumping near the small area we were in. Riley of course had to run into the water to figure out what was jumping, but didn’t catch any fish unfortunately.


After our adventures Riley was FINALLY worn out. She has a never ending supply of energy it seems like sometimes.

Madison has been extremely active lately and keeps Matt and I on our toes constantly. She’s crawling all over our house. She’s absolutely obsessed with Riley and her toys and dog bowls. She’s starting to pull up some too. I know it’s only a matter of time before she’s walking all over the place. I feel like I JUST had her and she’s slowly turning into a little toddler. It’s crazy how quickly our babies grow.

What fun things did you do this weekend?


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