The Recipe For A Viral Pin

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Implementing these tips will helped me receive my first viral pin. Since receiving my first viral pin (that you can find here with over 19K repins) I’ve had several other go viral like my Babysitter’s Checklist. This recipe is one I have followed closely and implement to all my pins for my blog that helps bring in triple figure views each day, just from pinterest!

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Using this recipe for the viral pin will skyrocket your blog views! This recipe brings triple digit views to my blog each day from pinterest alone.

  1. Rich Pins – Downloading Rich Pins to your Pinterest Business account will allow your pins to show meta data on the pin, which allows your pin to receive higher engagement and views.

  2. Group Boards – Group Boards are a pinterest board that has multiple contributors. When you pin to a group board, your pin is seen by your followers as well as all the followers of the group board.

  3. Board Descriptions -The more descriptions the better chance your pin will have to show up in someone’s search. 30 descriptions are the number I normally try to hit when I create a new pinterest board.

  4. Tailwind – No one has or wants to spend literally all day pinning to pinterest. So why not let Tailwind do it for you? Tailwind is a Godsend to bloggers who are looking to boost their pinterest account. Through Tailwind you can schedule pins to popular pinning times and view the analytics of your pins and pinterest account. Use my referral link HERE to receive a free credit when you set up a Tailwind account for yourself. I’m telling you, this was the gamechanger for my pinterest account! 

  5. Pin Sizing – Long vertical pins do best on pinterest, specifically 735px x 1102px. I love using Canva to design my pins because they already have a pinterest template ready for you to use and design.

  6. Tailwind Tribes – Tailwind Tribes are an easy way to get more exposure to your pin and have your pin repinned. Most Tailwind Tribes have a pin/repin ratio-rule. This means for others that pin to the tribes will have to repin X amount that has been shared with the tribe. This gives your pin a higher chance of being pinned.

  7. Aesthetically Pleasing – Bright, beautiful pictures that are pleasing to the eye should be the foundation of your pin. Pink fonts or text boxes seem to do better than others. Once again Canva can help you edit your photos and design your pins to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye in order to have a greater chance of being seen and repinned by others.

Extensive research and a whole lot of trial and error have helped me figure out the perfect recipe to the viral pin. Drop me a comment below to let me know if this works for you!


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