The Six Box Unboxing + Review

Behind every great military member, is a great spouse at home holding down the fort while they are away.

As a military spouse myself, we normally take care of everyone else around us and often forget to even take care of ourselves. That’s why I am beyond excited to partner with The Six Box today! When I discovered The Six Box, I just HAD to work with them. Military spouses deserve so much more credit than they receive. While our service members are deployed or away for training, spouses are the ones who are keeping families in order. Military Spouses have to uproot their lives every few years. We have to quit our jobs, move away from family and often get stationed in a location that we spend more time at than our spouses. There are even times when you have to go days, weeks or even months without seeing your spouse.

The Six Box is a monthly care package made specifically for military spouses. This is a reverse care package, it’s for the ones holding it all together while their service member is away. Each box contains six special gifts that are meant to pamper and encourage military spouses. A new theme is picked each month and gifts are chosen to fit each theme. How amazing is that?

I was so excited when I received my very own Six Box. Once I opened the package I understood why this is such an amazing company. The theme for January’s box was Goal Digger and this box was full of inspiration for that. My box contained a journal, 2017 planner, protein bars (you guys know I love protein bars!), body scrub, chapstick and a note from The Six Box team. I genuinely felt cared for. What an amazing monthly pick-me-up this company is bringing to military spouses everywhere!

Sometimes a military spouse just needs to hear that someone else cares and a simple thank-you. This is where The Six Box comes in. It is the perfect care package to do just that!

If you’re a service member looking to surprise your spouse or even a family member or friend of a military spouse who needs a little pick-me-up, this is the perfect gift. I can’t think of a better way to bring a smile to a friends face than with the amazing Six Box. You can even choose subscriptions between one, three and six months or an on-going subscription.

The military phrase “Got your six” means “Got your back”. The Six Box and it’s lovely team, Megan and Alana, definitely have military spouses backs with their subscription box.

Would The Six Box be a perfect fit for you or someone you know? Check them out HERE!


***DISCLOSURE – I did receive free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.***


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