The Thirties Skincare Routine – The Products & Routine Every 30-Something Should Follow

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by VIIcode Skin Care. All opinions and my love for VIIcode Skin Care are my own. This post also contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase a product from this link I will receive a commission at no charge to you. 

This post is all about the thirties skincare routine. My skincare routine has changed so much since I entered my thirties. Years of worshipping the sun and being a sleep deprived Mom began to take its toll on my skin.

As a teen and throughout my twenties, my favorite summer activity was laying out and seeing how dark of a tan I could get. I disregarded a good skincare routine because I was naive and thought that since I didn’t have wrinkles, I did not need an anti-aging skincare routine. Fast forward a few years to a pregnancy, newborn and my late-twenties and I knew I needed to lock down a skincare routine that would rewind time on my aging skin.

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Being thirty and sleep deprived, dark circles under my eyes have almost become a norm. That is until I discovered Vllcode O2 Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair. These things are AMAZING. These eye masks are the first eye masks that are safe to use for up to eight hours.

Thirties Skincare Routine

Overnight these babies reduce visible signs of aging around the eyes. They moisturize and effectively reduce signs of fine lines and aging. Your eyes are left looking refreshed, moisturized and younger!

Thirites Skincare Routine

I could tell a difference after just ONE night of wearing these amazing under eye masks! My under eye circles disappeared, the puffiness diminished and the fine lines were reduced. My eyes even looked brighter! 95% of women even agreed that their skin looked brighter and smoother after using Vllcode O2 Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair!

With over 89% of women saying  Vllcode O2 Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair works well for fine lines and wrinkles, I’ve been using these twice a week for the past month and I can speak first hand on how they’ve been able to help turn back time on my eyes as well as help me look not so sleep deprived. The Vllcode O2 Oxygen Eye Mask is something that should be added to every thirties skincare routine. 

Bert’s Bee’s Face Wipes

 Before washing, these are the perfect wipes to clean away your makeup.

Thirties Skincare Routine

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

I have extremely sensitive skin and love using this cleanser!

Cleansing Brush

 Cleaning brushes, like the Soniclear by Michael Todd,  help give your face a deep clean that gives you the perfect slate to add anti-aging products.

Origins Anti-Aging Power Serum

This serum helps tighten and helps visibly improve fine lines and wrinkles in two weeks!

Renewed Hope in a Jar with SPF 30

 This is an amazing moisturizer that not only moisturizes but also protects against harmful UV rays.

Thirties Skincare Routine

Michael Todd Sonic ERASER Pro


The Sonic Eraser Pro helps turn back time on your skin! The sonic pulses help open up your pores so that anti-aging serums, moisturizers and masks, like the Vllcode O2 Oxygen Eye Mask, have the chance to reach the bottom layers of our skin to actually work. This is something every thirty something needs in to add to their skincare routine.

Sano Naturals Korean Silk Face Mask

I try to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in skincare. I discovered and tried the Hanacure Face Mask a few months ago and loved the after effects. My face was tighter, brighter and my bank account hurt. These masks run about $30/mask or $110 for 4. While these are effective, I hated paying so much. However, I discovered Sano Naturals Korean Silk Face Mask that is a cheaper duplicate of the Hanacure Face Mask!

I’ve tried both and can honestly say there is no difference! If you’re looking for a face mask to help tighten and brighten, then this is the perfect mask for you.

I’ve always loved trying new beauty products out, but when I find something I love – I stick with. Not all skincare products are created equal, and I can honestly say each of these are products that I love. If you’re looking for that one product you just can’t live without, I’d highly suggest The Vllcode O2 Oxygen Eye Mask. This mask has breathed new life under my eyes, even when I’m sleep deprived.

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  1. Aditi Wardhan Singh | 30th May 18

    I’m going to try the silk mask for sure. Just don’t take enough care of myself. Damn these are great products…

    • Brittany | 31st May 18

      Oh my gosh, I’m currently doing one right now while typing this. You will not be disappointed!

  2. Rhyan | 30th May 18

    I’m in my twenties and my favorite summer activity is laying out to see how dark of a tan I can get, lol! I’ve always been interested in trying the under eye masks, thanks for sharing 🙂 I may try those out.

    • Brittany | 31st May 18

      They’re amazing!

  3. Brittney | 31st May 18

    Now THIS sounds so necessary!! I need this like, yesterday! I focus pretty heavily on a good skincare routine but I always neglect my eyes. I’ve got some serious mom-of-three eye baggage haha!

  4. Rachel | 31st May 18

    I’m not gonna lie — my skin care routine DEF needs work!!

  5. Nicole Hood | 2nd Jun 18

    I am in my 30s too and just last year really started taking car of my skin, especially under my eyes. Thanks for the tips. I have got to try some of these especially the eye masks and the Sonic eraser.

    • Brittany | 5th Jun 18

      You’ll be glad you tried! They’re both amazing!

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