Tank Top Ready Arms Workout + Senita Athletics Review

***Disclosure – I did receive free product in exchange for my honest review. However, my love for Senita Athletics and all opinions are my own.***

Warmer weather means shorter dresses, flip flops and tank tops! If you’re looking to tone, tighten and sculpt your arms, this is the workout for you!

But before I tell you the details of this workout, I have to tell you about this amazing outfit from Senita Athletics. I teamed up with Senita a few months ago and I am so excited to team up with them again! Senita Athletics makes high quality and affordable athletic gear. Today I’m wearing the Boyfriend Tank in Eclectic and the Criss Cross Tights in Black. I absolutely loved this outfit! This top was SO soft. Honestly, it’s probably the softest that I own. I am such a fan of this company! This outfit and the other Senita Athletics gear that I own easily tops other top brands. It holds up through intense cardio workouts, hikes and through my favorite tank top ready arm workouts. Check out Senita Athletics amazingly awesome workout gear and use the promo code ANCHOR to get 10% off your order! This promo code is only available through May 13th, so hurry up and use it now!

On to the workout!

What you will need – a set of dumbbells

Complete 3 sets, 15 times each.

Bicep Curl – Stand up straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Keep upper arms stationary while curling lower arms, contract your bicep at the top of each rep.

Shoulder Press – You can do this either standing or sitting. Hold dumbbells at shoulders and press up to extend arms.

Hammer Curls – Standing up straight with dumbbells in both hands, hold weights so that your palms are facing your torso. Curl arms up to shoulders.

Tricep Extension – Standing up straight, hold one weight behind head at neck height with both hands. Extend arms above head.

Kickbacks – Standing up, back bent slight, arms hanging low with dumbbells. Keeping arms straight, kick arms back.

Bent Over Row – Standing up, back bent over in straight line, knees slightly bend. Holding dumbbells in both hands pull dumbbells towards body.

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