Tips for Preparing for a Baby on a Military Budget

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When you’re on a military budget, preparing for a baby can seem that much more expensive. When my husband and I got pregnant with Madison, it was not planned. It was a complete surprise! In my mind at the time we weren’t prepared financially. I’m someone who is very type A and always likes to be prepared. After doing a lot of research and talking with other friends who were military spouses I found out there were ways that we could easily save money.

Tips for Preparing for a Baby on a Military Budget

Research, Research, Research

When I got pregnant, I immediately began researching what essentials we would need. I remember making a “secret” Pinterest board because we hadn’t told anyone I was pregnant yet and being so overwhelmed at all the “must-have” items for babies. How can something so little need SO much? And what items are really beneficial? Luckily my sister-in-law had just had a baby and stepped in as my baby guru and helped me navigate through what was worth investing in and what wasn’t. She even made me a list of everything she’d recommend registering for and from there I was able to research items to see if it was something we wanted. Leaning on friends and families advice makes this process so much easier.

Register Early

When we first told our families about our being pregnant, my husband swore we didn’t need to travel to Cape Cod for a baby shower. That is, until I took him into Babies ‘R Us and he realized just how expensive everything was!

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Registering early will not only give your guests a heads up on what you’d like for your baby, but it will also give you time to research for sales and save up if you need to. Some stores even offer a percentage off of the items from your registry that you purchase personally.

Tips for Preparing for a Baby on a Military Budget

Educational Classes

If you live on or near a military base, there may be classes on base you can take to help you prepare for baby. These classes can range from baby budgeting to Lamaze classes. If your base does not offer any classes (like ours in NC did not) then check with your OB. They may have classes that take place at their clinic or know of some at the local hospital.

Hire a Doula For Free

If your spouse will not be present for child birth, you can check with receiving a doula for no charge. There are organizations like Operation Special Delivery and Stars & Stripes Doulas, among others that may be available in your area.

Tips for Preparing for a Baby on a Military Budget

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  1. Stephanie | 26th Apr 18

    Hello from a veteran Navy wife (20 years woot woot)! Great tips! Congratulations on your bundle of joy and good luck in the future <3

    • Brittany | 26th Apr 18

      Thank you!!! <3

  2. Julie | 27th Apr 18

    Having a baby and preparing for a baby can be very expensive. It’s always nice to be able to find options for you and your baby that doesn’t cost as much or is free.

    • Brittany | 27th Apr 18


  3. Paulette | 27th Apr 18

    Most insurance cover your breast pump, I didn’t know until this time around it’s been a life saver.

  4. Barbara | 27th Apr 18

    Are you in a Buy Nothing group? That can be a perfect way to get so much of what you need for baby and save literally hundreds of dollars. I couldn’t do it without it.

    • Brittany | 29th Apr 18

      Yes, I am! Those are such a great resource!

  5. Lynn Armstrong | 28th Apr 18

    SO nice to meet you again, I think we met on Instagram a while back! Anyways, yes on the breast pump, I got mine through my healthcare at the hospital and paid extra for one that was smaller. I never tried the hand pump ones. Was lol at your secret Pinterest board ; )

    • Brittany | 29th Apr 18

      I never tried the handpump ones either. Although next go around I totally want the one that pumps from your bra lol

  6. Diana | 28th Apr 18

    I think these are great tips for those who are looking to save money in general, though getting a free doula might not be an option if you aren’t low income or in the military. We had to pay for our own. Another tip I would add is buy used! Babies outgrow things so fast, used clothes often tend to look new!

    • Brittany | 29th Apr 18

      That is a great tip! Buying used can really save a lot of money!

  7. Livi | 28th Apr 18

    This is such great tips! I remember getting a free Breast pump to use with my first!

    • Brittany | 29th Apr 18


  8. Jennifer Maune | 29th Apr 18

    Great tips! A lot of insurances will cover a breast pump now, so I think that is so great!


  9. TheBloomsite | 29th Apr 18

    Great tips. I employed some of these tips myself being a military spouse. Tricare have some cool newborn packs that got me started off very well

  10. Angie | 30th Apr 18

    These are all such great tips and advice for military parents to be. I agree with registering early and I think any expecting parents should do it. As soon as we found out the sex of the baby we started our registry.

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