Tips for Mastering Your Revlon Hot Air Brush When You Have Thick Hair

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The thick hair struggle can be SO real. I have naturally thick, wavy hair that was always hard to manage. I used to hate days when I had to wash and style my hair. If I didn’t have at least an hour to dedicate to blow drying and styling, my hair would look like a poofy mess. 

When I started seeing the reviews for the Revlon Hot Air Brush, I thought “Could this work for me? Or is it too good to be true?” My hair has never been easy to manage, but as a mom of two littles – I knew if I ever wanted to be presentable in public again, I needed to find SOMETHING that worked for me.  I purchased the Revlon Hot Air Brush and was so excited to try it out! I washed my hair, did a quick towel dry and started to dry my hair. It. Took. Forever. 

Tips for Mastering the Revlon Hot Air Brush when You Have Thick Hair

By the time I was done – my arm was sore, my hair was poofy and I was not happy. What on earth could these beauty bloggers be doing differently than me to make their hair look so fabulous? Is my hair just that unmanageable? 

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Thankfully, I didn’t give up and I’m here to spill alllllll the tips and secrets to giving you fabulous hair without spending hours and tons of damaging heat on your hair. I have thick, long hair and I now spend only about 10 minutes styling my hair. 

Microfiber Towel 

As soon as I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a microfiber towel to dry it. I normally leave it up for about 15-20 minutes. These microfiber towels are inexpensive and do an amazing job at soaking up all the excess water in your hair. This really helps your hair style more easily and at a much quicker speed. While my hair is in the towel, I normally continue to get ready be doing my skincare routine, applying makeup or just enjoying my coffee (aka drinking a sip while chasing my two littles). 



Leave in conditioner spray 

To avoid knots and tangles with your hot air brush, I like to spray a leave in conditioner in my hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb.


Heat Protectant 

I then like to apply a heat protectant to my hair before styling. I absolutely love Living Proof Perfect Hair Day cream. This helps protect my hair from heat while also keeping my hair from frizzing. This heat protectant is a little pricer than some that you’d find at your local pharmacy, but it actually works! And works well! 


Section your hair

Before I start to dry my hair, I separate it into sections. I create a small top layer, two middle layers and a small bottom layer. I start blow drying with the bottom layer. Always start at the back by twisting the brush underneath your hair. Then twist the brush so it dries on top of the layer and the root. Follow this step from the back to front for each of the remaining layers. 

Make Sure All Hair is Dry – Not Damp 

To ensure your hair cooperates and doesn’t become frizzy or poofy you need to make sure all of your hair is completely dry. If it’s a little damp, the frizz and poof will spread like a disease all over your beautiful head of hair. 

Make sure to check out this video for reference on how to use your Revlon Hot Air Brush! Have any questions? Leave me a comment below! Make sure to follow my instagram and facebook page for more beauty hacks and updates!

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